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Resolved! 3560G DHCP issue

I have a 3560G set up to be the DHCP server for a remote office setup (currently being lab tested).  Last week, the setup worked fine, but when I set my laptop up in the lab today, the 3560 won't dish out addresses on that VLAN.  There are two VLANs ...

jlmickens by Beginner
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Hi all, when adding a switch to a network, do we have to be careful not to make the network reconverge, incase the new switch has the lowest priority or mac address? if it has, would the whole network reconverge and find the best way to my new switch...

From a Cisco doc about Nexus:"vPCs enable full, cross-sectional bandwidth utilization among LAN switches, as well as between servers and LAN switches."This has always confused me. Cant you run an active/active NIC teaming without vPC? That will give ...

visitor68 by Enthusiast
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I’m designing a small network for a project of mine.The building has 4 floors 200mx200m (each floor) with 24 machines located on each floor (each department on separate floors) therefore uses separate vlans to prevent other departments accessing each...

seangt1997 by Beginner
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HI All,According to the VSS Arch whitepaper ( http://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collateral/switches/ps5718/ps9336/white_paper_c11_429338.pdf )Supported interface modules that can coexist within a Cisco Virtual Switching System-enabled chassis include a...

I currently have a 3750 connected to my ASA 5520 on the "inside" interface.  I would like to introduce 2 subinterfaces on the ASA "inside" interface and trunk the switchport.  I believe I have done this, but I am not able to ping from the ASA to a cl...

Hi everyone,I have a slm224g and just bought a slm2008 and i want to setup a trunk between the too switches so then vlan 10, 20 ,30 can communicate with the vlan 10, 20 ,30 on the another and i can not work out how to do itAny help/guidance on this w...

linuxmad1 by Beginner
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Dear Support Community,I would like to know the estimated time that this product (XPS-2200) can be ordered, along with its GPL price list and accessories if possible (Cables & Fan Module).Thanks in Advance.BR,Mohammed

M.Zaatreh by Beginner
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Hello ! I have a Catalyst 6506 , Following Configuration as bellow :Slot 1 : WS-X6724-SFP </w WS-F6700-DFC3A>Slot 2 : WS-X6148A-GE-TXSlot 5 : WS-SUP720-3BSingle/Redundant WS-CAC-3000WAccording Cisco Power Calculator Results , The Total Output Power i...

I have a L3 core-switch  and 10 rings connected to this switch.All rings has up to 14 switches.at each switch works two vlans 1xx (client) and 11xx (switch-managment), where xx - number of ring (example: 101,1101; 102,1102)What i must to do with span...

tamerlaha by Beginner
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Multi-VLAN environment where we can ping the ip address of the vlan 75 interface on a Cisco 3750, but not servers inside the vlan.Environment: Room A:Core: 6509-E , VTP ServerRoom B:Hydrogen: 6509-E trunked to Core, VTP Client, all vlans allowed over...

hi all.I don't understand    difference between  pagp   silent and non-silent submodes.I have read almost all forums and  Do not have enough  information.Can anyone actually reply to me what's the difference between this