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show arp vs show mac-address-table I am using GNS3. For switch, I am attaching switch 16 module for simulation. For my router and switch (router with switch module on it) both works commands "show arp" and "show mac-address-table". From router, "sho...

We have a mixed network with Catalyst 6509 and 6509e's running either catos or IOS. We are in the process of upgrading all of the 6509's with catos to 6509e with IOS.Also, we appear to be running vtp version 2 on the deivices as wel.We have been expe...

zibazadek by Level 1
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Afternoon -Any documents / expertise with integrating a Junos EX environment with an existing Cisco 3-tier enterprise? We've aquired a facility that's mostly junos EX devices in a MSTP configuration and our current enterprise is Cisco RPVST+. We have...

degriffin by Level 1
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We have 3750-X series switches, with 10GB uplinks that will be using the SFP-10G-SR modules. I am proposing to use a 6506 platform for the core/distribution, along with an 8-port 10GB line card. The 6500 supports either X2 and XENPACK.The datasheet o...

martens72 by Level 1
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Good day to all,Today I received a request from a user that needs to user a VPN server hosted on an outside network.   One of the requirements is that I allow outbound VPN.   Would someone kindly point me in the right direction in setting this up?  M...

Hi AllI would like to know if this scenario works if not please let me know what need to be corrected.Design as shown in attached diagram.Distribution switch -connected to 3560---and conected to 2950 access switch .A van 777 is created in distributio...

gelspot777 by Level 1
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Hi all,Current I have the following setup. All traffic to/from the 3560 is pinned to the 02 side, and I'm exceeding the available 100Mbps of bandwidth.Are there any options for layer 2 load balancing to/from the 3560 between the two 4506s?Cat4506-01-...

aeryilmaz by Level 1
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Hi,Taking the lines below : mls qos srr-queue output cos-map queue 2 threshold 1  4mls qos srr-queue output cos-map queue 2 threshold 3  6 7it's a template that i find at lot of examples of config.what is the criteria that define if the cos value wil...

I am having issues with a 2921 router and a 2950 switch. Here is what I am doing. I have a 2921/CME router connected to a 2950 switch and that is connected to our MPLS cloud. I can get to the router from our remote location but can’t get to anything ...

ddevecka by Level 1
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I recently noticed the following errors in my log file:DNS Limited Broadcast Query... I have attached a screen shot of the log file.On my DNS log i am constantly getting createfetch commands. The log file swelled to 2.5 GB in a short time.Any ideas w...

hi! currently i've a few c3560 switches inour environment. There isnt' any qos configured and the interface of the switch is configured as below:Interface GigaEthernet0/xswitchport access vlan xxswitchport mode accessswitchport voice vlan xxno mdix a...

dkblee by Level 1
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Resolved! QoS question

Hi, i have been reading up on QoS on Cat3750's, and there is something i do not understand from this section:http://www.cisco.com/en/US/customer/products/hw/switches/ps5023/products_tech_note09186a0080883f9e.shtml#def-configWhere does the 4% absolute...

Hello All, Early next year I will be installing an ASA5540 appliance. I have been asked to investigate new anti-virus software also. My question is this,can I leverage the new ASA to also address enterprise security and anti-virus needs as well as ou...

Hi All,I'm putting together a new QoS policy for a link and after I got it put together, i realized I was using syntax for a router, but I need to accomplish the below on a 4507R; SUP-IV switch.Setup:4507R connected via 55mbps MPLS WAN; IP address is...

rtjensen4 by Level 4
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