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Resolved! PIM

I have 2 questions. 1.      What are the differences between PIM-DM and SM?I can think of 3. First, ratio of number of group members to total number of hosts is different.Second, DM uses implicit join while SM uses explicit join. So DM wastes bandwid...

Greetings,On our Cisco 2960-POE switch - connected hosts can see the switch VLAN IP, can get to and from both the corporate network (VPN) and Internet (split-tunnel) -  but cannot see each other.  We can ping one attached PC and an attached printer f...

iholdings by Beginner
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Is there an link on CCO where I could get information how to configure a LACP between Cisco Switch running CatOS and HP Virtual Blade servers.  I am having issues and currently the link is Active Standby.Any help will be appreciated.

abbas.ali by Beginner
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Hello,I have another tricky thing:Please see my example network design attached!I have two VLANs (100 and 200). Normally, I would only have clients of type B and router interfaces in VLAN 200. The client traffic (originating in VLAN 100) has to go ac...

Hi,Can I use the same dot1q tag's on diffrent physical interfaces that go to different switches in VTP transparent mode?For instance like this:Router with two interfaces fa0/0 and fa0/1!interface fa0/0description connected to switch 1interface fa0/0....

Resolved! Metro 3750 QoS

We are having an issue setting up traffic shaping on our Metro 3750 switches.  We have 5 different data flows (see diagram) on 5 different VLAN's.  When B is not flowing, we want A and E to be able to burst.  However, we haven't been able to set this...

jaurbano by Beginner
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need to upgrade some 6509 which are running old softwares72033-pk9sv-mz.122-17d.SXB.1bini only have 64meg sup boot flashit does have a 512mb compact flash card, can i use this for storing the software, or will it want me to upgrade the sup-bootflash:...

Hello,I have installed a new network all with 3750 switches. Everything is going wellexcept that some ports on some switches are going down and straight back up.I'm using the Cisco Assistant to monitor the network and send me all the events.This is h...

We're currently running netflow v5 and I'm trying to look into flexible netflow but couldn't find a document on which IOS or Supervisors supported flexible netflow.  Does anyone have a document that explains this? I tried following this link, but the...

Joe Kukis by Beginner
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This is my first time configiring a Cisco 1800 series router. As of now, computers cannot access the network. I think the reason why it is not working correctly is nat and access lists. What I am trying to accomplish is the router is goin...

xr5054yz85 by Beginner
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Resolved! Upgrading IOS

Hii was at work today and i was trying to upgrade an IOS and the image started coming across but i started getttng this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!o!!!!o!!!!!o!!!!!o!!!!!o!!!!!o!!!!!o!!!!!!o!!!!!! image aborted.I've never seen this before and i...