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Nexus 7K, Flooding Firewall Ports

We have a new Nexus 7k, in the data centers we are noticing the switch ports for firewalls being flooded with ICMP requests at a very high rate..Is this normal, is there something we are missing ?? Thanks In Advance..


I think I have this figured out, but I'd like to see if somebody could double check me.I've got 2 access switches connected to each of my 2 distribution switches via etherchannels. On my distro switches(L3) I should configure bridge groups for each v...

Encapsulation failed arp incomplete

Hi All,Im wondering if someone is able to help with this one. Please view the debug output below*Mar  1 05:01:07.270: IP: tableid=0, s= (local), d= (Vlan1), routed via RIB*Mar  1 05:01:07.270: IP: s= (loca...

Resolved! Upgrading a Cat4506 w/ Sup V

I am trying to upgrade a 4506 w/ Sup V from cat4000-i9k91s-mz.122-20.EWA2.bin  to cat4500-entservicesk9-mz.122-50.SG6.binI currently have 512 MB of Ram and 56.50 MB of bootflash my current PROM is ROM: 12.1(20r)EW1                                    ...

Mike Mott by Beginner
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Turn Off Spanning-Tree on HWIC-4ESW

I have a customer whose routers and WAN we provide and maintain.  There are twenty 2821 routers each with a 4-port HWIC-ESW module in them.   We provide the customer with Metro Ethernet for Data and VoIP between their sites.   The 2821 routers connec...

Resolved! IS-IS ATT-bit Control

Hi guys,  I am running a lab through dynamips using isis. I have a router R5(L1 router) which is connected to R6(lL1-L2 router). R6 is connected with  other L1-L2 routers. I tried to change the ATT-bit when R6 sends LSP-L1 tou R5 when the backbone ar...

Server Farm Design Nexus 7000

I have been reading this document on the Nexus 7000 and Catalyst 6500 architectures and designs in a server farm...http://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collateral/switches/ps9441/ps9402/ps9512/White_Paper_C17-449427.pdf (focus on pages 19 to the end).I am...

lamav by Collaborator
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Resolved! ASA and switch redundancy question.

Hi All,I was hoping someone could help me with me questions.I need to setup some redundancy for a network. I have Firewall and server experience but not so much with switches.I have;2 internet links2 ASA 5510's2 3750 switchesand some dual homed serve...

L3 request

A L3 request from a host1 to host2 on the same VLAN, does the request get forwarded to the default gateway at all?Or straight to host2?

opers13 by Beginner
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Multicast - ip cgmp

I came across Multicast config on a 3750G and it has both: ip pim sparse-dense-mode ip cgmpenabled under the SVI.When I do "sh ip cgmp" nothing comes up and actually it's not even supported....I read cgmp was developed for CATOS??thanks

opers13 by Beginner
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ASA5510 Vlan trunking problem

HelloHopefully somone can help me with this annoying issue.In our organisation we have a ASA5510 thats connected to a HP switch with several different vlans and they all work fine.Now I would like to add a new vlan to trunk over to the switch, whats ...