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rate limiting port

I need to rate limit the output only of a 100M port to 10M.  The input still has to allow 100M in.If I use this command on a 100M port: 1)  Will it limit the port speed to 10M or just guarantee 10M is available for use?2)  Will it only apply to the o...

jschweng by Beginner
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Resolved! VLAN standby issue

Hello All,Need your help in the issue I am facing,    I've two Cisco 4506 switches; on which I've created around 10 VLANs. now I have configured HSRP on both the switches. but it doesn't seem to be working as expected. one thing I want to know is do ...

Jigar Dave by Participant
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NAT question

Hi All,I am having a problem and I'm trying to do a NAT configuration to do a quick-fix (I know this is not the correct solution, but I need it for the moment)....The problem is the following:I have an inside computer ( trying to reach a...

HSRP problem on 4506 switches

I have a strange problem with HSRP running on two Catalyst 4506'sThe set up is as follows:Two 4506's connected by an Etherchannel are hosting VLAN interfaces for all our VLAN'sEach VLAN has an interface on each 4506These interfaces are paired togethe...

nik.sharp by Beginner
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Catalyst 6509 FSM or ASA is better

Dears ,I'm in a confusion that what to choose from the below 2 when implementing a small data centreOption 1 : Cisco 6509( WS-C6509 with Sup 720-3B)  + FWSM (WS-C6513-FWM-K9) Option 2 : WS-C6509 and ASA My requirement is to protect from outside attac...

Haris P by Enthusiast
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Resolved! spanning tree and why?? caused network down

can somone please share his experiencewe have 2 core switches 6509 A and 6509 B connected to each other over a portchannel (80) made up of two ports. all vlans are allowed on this etherchannelthere are more then 40 access switches connected to these ...

Resolved! priority queue at WAN edges?

Hi Folks,             My test scenario is that voip traffic is going to traverse between one site to another. Mostly the voice gateways are split across the sites. Now in the setup 3750 are interconnecting the intersite links on a LES widely on 100Mb...

Resolved! vrrp backup master on Nortel switches!!

HiWe are migrating the last of our Nortel devices to cisco now, I have one question, the nortel vrrp feature has a function wherby if you have a cluser of 2 switches, if the traffic hits the standby switch, the function will route it locally.my quest...

Resolved! CSU DSU cards back to back

How do I configure 2 CSU/DSU cards back to back? I have set the clock rate on DCE end and set both cards to use the line clock (as opposed to internal clock)?

stevec90 by Beginner
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two unequal circuit

Hi,We have two WAN layer 2 ccts in our datacentres,one cct is 10gig and other is 5gig.We are planning to installed both cct into pair of Cisco 6500-VSS switches in each datacentre and bundle together as etherchannel to utilise both links, but I am no...

dNAT question

Out of curiosity,Say I had to change the public IP of one of my servers from x.x.x.1 to y.y.y.3, and I didnt have access to the DNS to make the update, theoretically, could I use "ip nat inside destination" command with an access-list of 1 address to...

rtjensen4 by Enthusiast
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