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Resolved! Router or Layer 3 Switch Which Is best?

A have an area on my wide area network where I need to connect to several differant networks that have various ethernet dropouts from several wireless radios and network segments.  These would be a total of around 6 gigabit ethernet connections maxim...

NPT_2 by Explorer
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PIM Sparse-Dense-Mode

I can't seem to grasp the sheer concept of pim sparse dense mode.   Documentation says that an enabled interface in pim sparse dense mode will use dense mode for dense groups and sparse mode for sparse group.  It says that ip pim sparse dense mode ca...

tsmarcyes by Beginner
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Can c3660,3640.3725,3745 support vacl

Hello Guysi am practising for ccnp,ccvp and ccsp and i am using dynampis but some command does dont supported when it comes to make the mantioned router to support as a switch.can any one help me out on this? or any IOS between those that can support...

i can't enable interface on the switch 2950

i have switch 2950.when i want enable fastinterface on this switch i saw this message.switch#configuer tswitch(config)#interface fastinterface 0/1switch(config-fa)#no shutdownfa 0/1 can't be brought up becouse it failed post loopback test.please help...

Resolved! catalyst 3560 Gig port

hii have a catalyst 3560 48 port switch with (4) sfp ports ,am trying to connect the Gig port of this switch with another cisco swtch 2960 over a distance of 1000m (two seprate buildings using SM fiber cable) ,first i make a loopback on the same port...

Supervisor 6E supporting redundancy using SSO

HelloI desire to know whether the supervisor 6E for a chassis 4507R support redundancy using SSO, what is the timing for switching to the standby supervisor 6E???Additionally, is it possible configure an etherchannel using one port of 10GE active sup...

Resolved! Upgrading IOS on 3548 XL switch

Hi all,I need to upgrde ios on this switch.i have installed new IOS  version on my laptop.Now in order to remove old ios and upgrade to new ios i can run the commandcopy tftp to flash?please let me knowthanksmahesh

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Native VLAN question

Hi,I've connected 3 x 3560 switches in a lab.  Switch 1 is in VTP server mode and the other 2 are clients and the VTP domain is working fine. On switch 1 I have set the trunk to switch 2 to use native vlan 99 and on all the other trunk ports on each ...

Andy White by Participant
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Catalyst 4507 reloading automatically

All,I've only had this issue twice, but it's enough to concern me. I was doing some maintenance and checking on my Catalyst 4507 when all of a sudden the switch threw a ton of messages at me, and proceeded to reload. The only one that I could see was...

jbraswell by Beginner
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6500 SUP2 MSFC2 High CPU Level

I have two 6509's at the core of our network.  They are both running at about 30% constantly when displaying a sho proc cpu i get this sho proc cpu | ex 0.00CPU utilization for five seconds: 30%/20%; one minute: 29%; five minutes: 30% PID Runtime(ms)...

gregokada by Beginner
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