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We have a Cisco 3925 router with an EHWIC-4ESG card running on IOS image c3900-universalk9-mz.SPA.150-1.M2.bin.  A show diag shows this card as disabled/not supported.  Needing assistance to determine if the IOS code installed is the reason for the c...

swharvey by Level 3
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Dear Experts,I have been experiancing a critical issue and I am in need of your support to find out the cause.The issue is, My Backup servers and few other production server are in the same VLAN.Whenever Backup jobs are running I could see lot of pac...

Here is my setup.Local Ofice----> WAN Links---->Remote DC-> Firewall -----Internet link.At Remote DC we have Windows systems, cisco switches/routers/VPN concentrator, AS400 systems, Checkpoint Firewall,load balancers, Bluecoat proxy etc.Sometime some...

avilt by Level 3
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HelloI have received several c2950 that have had their IOS removed and I can not get it back onto it. I have tried copy xmodem: flash: and the ios and that did not work. and I have tried tftp but for some reason that would not push the IOS onto it. I...

AlanELint by Level 1
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Hello,We have a stack of six 3750 switches.  Periodically, the switch stack logs a message indicating that the stack port on one side or the other of the stacking cable or on both sides simultaneously, goes down, then one second later comes up:Oct 10...

I have a 6509 with many VLANs and a seperate DHCP server to provide addresses.  I need to create an additional VLAN (VLAN 20) and I would like to use the 6509 as the DHCP Server for the new VLAN. I know to set up:ip dhcp excluded-address 2...

Hi Forums,i am new on the CISCO IOS.. I am configuring my cisco 1841 with hwic-1t serial port but i have problems with nat for my LAN.The router "pings" all IP addresses but all LAN doesn't navigate. Where is my mistake ?interface Loopback0 descripti...

stemond79 by Level 1
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One of my main routers is getting a bunch of buffer misses, resulting in packet drops.  I have pasted output below:Genoa-C3845-Rtr#  sh buffBuffer elements:     1117 in free list (1119 max allowed)     445357378 hits, 0 misses, 619 createdPublic buff...

Concept question.  In theory, if you have a daisy chained switch with a trunk inbetween where one end has allowed vlans specificed, the other end does not. WIll the VLAN traffic pass without fail?  Is that essentially allowing all VLANS both ways? IE...