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Hello.I work on 2960s and have to update the IOS on them to the newer one. When I go to delete the old one i use the delete /recursive c2960* then I have to hold down enter so that it deletes all the file. Now my question is, is there an adjustment t...

AlanELint by Level 1
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Hi,we have a network using principally Cisco network device (Switchs and routers).Currently all duplex setting and speed setting is set administratively on each device at both end. All servers connections have also there speed and duplex settings at...

I'm trying to solve the following problem:                            campus core         /                                                     \       /                                                         \     /                                 ...

Hey thereI am trying to use xmodem to from Hyperterminal to upload a flash file to a switch.I keep getting the an "invalid arguement" error after it starts the transfer. Any idea as to why or how i can upload this image.Thankscopy xmodem: flash:c2950...

Hi:Does anyone have a good read on IB?I have questions regarding the network and socket layers in the IB stack and how it scales in a data center.I'm trying to wrap my head around the addressing and session schemas and how RDMA is done.I have a feeli...

lamav by Level 8
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Does anyone have a work around for this issue. I've got a 3750 connected to an hp 2810 switch in a port-channel setup.on cisco sideint range gix/x/x -xchannel-group 1 mode activeon the hp sidetrunk 47-48 trk1 LACPIve been getting drops on the HP side...

My customer has a CATOS 6500  series switch with the command "set spantree priority 2000"How does this value relates to  a value i.e. 4096 in IOS?I need to connect with a IOS box to a CATOS switch network an worry about faulty spanning tree value's t...

dirks_2 by Level 1
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i have a problem with Cisco Core Switch 6509-E in its boot as following: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------rommon 3 > dir bootflash: Initializing ATA monitor library...Director...

I want to buy a layer 3 switch with the following features:1. intervlan routing2. Giga Ethernet ports.3. Requires at least 8 ports.Im thinking of WS-C3750X-24T-S or the WS-C3560X-24T-S. Is there a 12 ports layer 3 switch? Is there a better product th...

after1111 by Level 1
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Hi,I have an install with 2 x N5Ks configured with a vPC Peer Link. There are multiple Vlans and VPCs required.However there is also a requirment to single connect some of the Servers directly to the 5Ks. As an example the Servers will be in Vlan 100...

iwearing by Level 1
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By default in ospf redistribution the routes shows as E2 route in the routing table. To change this as E1 we use the below command."R1(config-router)#redistribute rip subnets metric-type 10"what is the minimum and maximum we can provide as the metric...