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A BGP router receives 2 updates of the same prefix. One is an IBGP update, and the other is an EBGP update. The IBGP prefix has a higher weight. Which route will this BGP router select as the best route to be installed in the routing table?

I am wondering why Root Bridge generates Configuration BPDU at every Hello Timer (default 2 seconds)?Non-Root Bridges relays the Configuration BPDU and keep the lowest BPDU for each port. Why to keep the lowest BPDU for each port? What happens if a p...

CORE# show env fanFAN 1 is OKFAN 2 is OKFAN PS-1 is OKFAN PS-2 is NOT PRESENTI wanted to see what the html version showed and in this format we have FAN 4 Failure Alerts. Please see attached. Can anyone tell me if there is or should be a FAN 4 to beg...

Hello,I need to gather some general information about network infrastructure in hospital. Things like which network devices we need and generally how much load each department creates in our network (e.g. the operation room, the reception, etc.) and ...

thisthat1 by Level 1
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Hi,I have some 5 branch sites. All are having cisco 1811 being used for VPN connectivity. The IOS details are as below.Cisco IOS Software, C181X Software (C181X-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.4(15)T10, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc3)There is a strange issue. ...

Hi there,We have inherited a small network, 2 x 24 port Catalyst 500 Express switches with most ports utilised.One of the ports has been shared for some time using a small switch in the office, two PCs connect to the local switch which then connects ...

hutton by Level 1
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We have a Cisco 4948 Switch which appears to be sending Multicast traffic outside of its intended VLAN and consequently flooding an external network.  Perhaps I am missing a configuration to restrict this traffic. Can you help?Thanks,~~c

Hi ,       Please let me know if its possibleI have a PE router from which two numbers of CE routers are connected on ethernet link. From my LAN i would like these link to appear as one link. Can i configure GRE between these PE and CE (CE1 and CE2) ...

cisco by Level 1
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Over the last 3 months one of our 3560-24PS switches has been causing trouble ( been fine for about 21 months prior to this ).We noticed a total lack of connectivity ( although inline power seemed ok ), so rebooted. This has been gettign more common....

Suppose you have a switch and that the mac-address-table has the following entry:  mac address          port          vlan1111.1111.1111       fa0/1          10If the dispositive with mac address 1111.1111.1111 is connected to port fa0/2 in the same ...