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ip summary-address eigrp

i just upgraded all of my switch links from l2 to l3 /30's and now my entire routing table is on all of the l3 switches. i ran the command ip summary-address eigrp 100 on the interface but i lose connection to the switch. I'm trying t...

cowetacoit by Beginner
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Dummy needs help!!! VLAN routing/ switching

Hi, I am having problems routing on our LAN. I have configured vlan in one network and need to use one of these port on another switch on another part of the network.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++6509_1 core_distrib3750 access_1 (can access...

max_gbp777 by Beginner
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Resolved! 2950 Switch

Hi People,My 2950 switch's system bulb is blinking in green color whereas other bulbs in mode off. The ports which cables are connected in amber color.When I telnet into it the prompt gives like the following (switch:)and it says "bootin error".Wt co...


I hope I posted this in the correct forum. I'm re-doing my network and I have a 2621XM router that's handling my internet traffic with some decent access-list, but I want to use my PIX for my firewall since I don't have enough flash to upgrade to 12....

Structured cable guideline norms

Hi,Currently we have to write a document where it will be specify norms about our telecom infrastructure outside of our datacenter it-self. the scope of this documents will start at the user's computer desktop will pass by telecommunication and will...

xine xine by Beginner
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Resolved! Connect two networks over cisco 876

Hi,I am wondering can I connect two networks over Cisco 876 router?I have set Vlan 1 with ip address and made command “access switch vlan 1” on FastEthernet 2.I have set Vlan 2 with ip address and made command “access switch vlan 2” on FastEt...

ssh for 2611 router

I have tried to configure ssh on 2611 router but there is no 'crypt key generate rsa' command in global configuration mode.Hear is the result of 'show version' command. Any ideas why? ThanksCisco Internetwork Operating System SoftwareIOS (tm) C2600 S...

anmozheyko by Beginner
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new 2851 can't boot up

Hi, we just have a new 2851 router come in and I powered it up. howerver after initialing the memory checking, it goes not go any anywhere? any idea ? it's brand new, just out of box. thanks

Resolved! NAT configuration issue cisco 2621

Hello,I'm using NAT with overload to translate IP adresses from a small office into an IP adress from the main office. The connection from the branch office with the main office is OK and the NAT is working, but the connection between main office and...

juanalejo by Beginner
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100M (bidi) sfp not working in catalyst 2960

Hi,I installed a GLC-FE-100BX-U transceiver in a C2960-8TC-L switch running the latest IOS, but the interface doesn't come up.Do I have to configure 100M sfp support somehow?sh int shows "media type is 1000BaseLX SFP" at the moment.

ae3997 by Beginner
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