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I have about 20 switches that need to have firmware updates,  What is the best way to do it? TFTP? USB? Was thinking of putting the file on USB, uploading it that way than loading it that way. But everything I read says I need to reload the switch, i...

mheddy439 by Level 1
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Hello Everyone,I can't ssh into Cisco 3650 running on 3.7.4E. I generated new crypto keys rsa 2048 bits. But I am not able to tell if the switch is using old legacy keys or newly generated keys for rsa.  i see these below RSA keys that was generated ...

I have been having issues with a 3750 24 port POE switch when trying to connect a Yealink W60B or Grandstream DP750 IP wireless base.  The Yealink had been running for years without any problems, but then the unit would disconnect from the switch, st...

Migace by Level 1
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Resolved! IOS RSA Key

Hi All,   I just configured a switch and i notice when i run "show crypto key mypubkey all", there is 2 rsa key inside.   Key name: CISCO_IDEVID_SUDI_LEGACYKey type: RSA KEYS   Key name: CISCO_IDEVID_SUDIKey type: RSA KEYS   Any idea what the key is ...

Just to mention off the batt.. I've never used a cisco device so excuse my ignorance Long story short is that I have a 3750g that I would like to install into a Ubiquiti environment to provide POE functionality to some cameras and basic switching.I w...

gsrel by Level 1
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Many companies are adapting remote or hybrid work policies in recent times. I'd love to start a conversation today and learn from the best of the best...the Cisco community! Are you or your company joining in on the hybrid work revolution? Where are ...

alexwagner by Cisco Employee
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Hi Folks I swapped an old cisco switch with a new cisco 9200 on Friday.  I mirrored the config, or so I thought.  Everything works but SSH.  I am wondering if someone could refreshed me on what commands need to be implemented for ssh to work.  I was ...

wavess by Level 1
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Cisco 2960S 24TD-L switch boot interrupt at initial booting as follow.   Using driver version 1 for media type 1Base ethernet MAC Address: 04:da:d2:de:5b:80Xmodem file system is available.The password-recovery mechanism is enabled.   Please help

Hi all,Got bad link and need to enable a switch for store and forward on all interfaces. I am using a Cat 2950 using IOS 12.1what do I need to do to get this working. I know the command syntex "switching-mode store-and-forward" every time I use the c...

h5emu1234 by Level 1
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