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Greetings, i have an 871 ISR, the outside interface is configured with two sub interfaces and an internal LAN interfaces, now im trying to get the network to talk to the network which doesnt have a GW of it's own, as such i need...

hello,in one of the data center we have presently six 3750G swithches in a single stack. Now we want to make a different stack with another two 3750 G switches which will be connected as etherchannel with the present stack. I have read the configurat...

Hi all,I am using a cisco router 2800 to connect 3 sites. I would like to use quality of service(QOS) to certain traffic. I understand that QOS can be configured to guarantee bandwidth, but can it also restrict bandwidth such that it will not exceed ...

donnie by Level 1
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Hi Everyone,There are 2 ethernet ports in my office which are exactly the same  except that one supplies power and the other does not. UDP messages can  still reach a computer connected to the ethernet port which supplies  power when the computer is ...

Hi allwe are occuring and problem when connecting an two existing toplogy based on Catalyst Cisco 2960 & 2950 and existing toplogie base on 3Com Switch 8810 Core switch that we need to connect them to gather.When connect the 3com segment trought an a...

Resolved! Redundancy Issue

Hi All,  How can i track Next hop IP istead of tracking Interface of my own Router in HSRP because in between Service Provider Router and My Router there is one L2 Switch is there so even next hop connectivity goes down, interface on my router shows ...

md farook by Level 1
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Hi all, recently I replaced one 6006 with 4507E switch. New 4507E uses SUP6-E supvisor and 4658-RJ45V-E module, the power supply is 4200w. Some user complaint no connectivity for NIC. After the investigation I decide to enable "inline power never" fo...

Jiemin Lu by Level 1
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HiIn 802.1d when the switch detects the topology change (TC) it sends TCN to the root bridge , then root bridge sends BPDU to all other switches .Then other switches set the bridge aging time to forward delay for faster flushing of the mac address ta...

Dear All,          I am having doubt in NTP.Can anyone clarify my doubts.1.How many NTP Servers can i pointed out NTP server prefer in core switch 6513?2.shall i give two core routers loop back ip as NTP server prefer?..(I have configured NTP setting...