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Hi,I have a network which has recently been subject to a power failure.Upon re-powering switch (3560G), ap (1252), router (netgear), and servers (Windows 2k3, 2k8), I am unable to get a DHCP ip address on any except the native vlan (wired and wireles...

IM-Design by Level 1
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I have created the access 128 to allow a host ( to access a web server ( other hosts from the LAN ( should be able to access the same web server.However, all other traffic should be allowed since there are serveral r...

leepeiwai by Level 1
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Our cust want to know the diffrence between Cisco Nexus 7000 Series switch and cisco 6000 series switch1.How the Technical features in cisco 7000 series when compairing 6500 series. 2.Any change in IOS commands or new OS for Cisco Nexus 7000 Series 3...

Hi All,The company I work for is about to install VSS, I have been reading various documents on the web on the subject.I was wondering if anyone out there who has actually installed & used VSS is willing to share their experiences?Any info greatly ap...

Hi,I've got some switch cabinets which are quite packed with patch panels and switches and those long patch leads make it hard to manage and troubleshoot or even close the door of them cabinets. I was thinking about making short leads myself. For exa...

bierrrr.CC by Level 1
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Resolved! bgp to eigrp

hion one of my router, cat6500, I have configure bgp and eigrp. they redistribute to each other. the bgp also has a default route from another bgp router as backup link.I can not test by cutting off active link, and currently, I can not see any adver...

julxu by Level 1
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Hey this seems to be a pretty easy problem to solve but I need help with it.Here is my diagram:http://www.flickr.com/photos/31154535@N07/4604946818/sizes/o/What I want to do is build in redundancy for devices that are dual homed on these two stacked ...

Pete89 by Level 2
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First time poster here and I am stumped!  I have two Catalyst 4006 switches that are on different floors of the same building.  I want to replace one of the switches with a smaller switch, a WS-C2960g-8tcl.  They are connected via fiber.  I was able ...

mgober by Level 1
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Hi,I have not done much cabling in the past but need to do for a setup. Basically I need to setup a switch in a conference room that goes to a 4506 switch.My questions area as follows :-1. I should be using a 'cross cable' and connect a network cable...

I had an incident where one of the staff plug in his switch and brought down the whole network. This was due to spanning tree running on my networkI want to disable spanning-tree on my network and stop users plugging the switch that could may bring d...

after1111 by Level 1
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