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I have an issue where data being routed through a 6500 sup720 is using its interface mac as the source, rather than the virtual.ARP to the virtual IP respond with the virtual MAC, however.ICMP request originating from network 5 (VLAN5) are routed to...

MMstre by Level 3
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Hey,This all refers to PVST+.Does the vlan-ID actually get sent in the BPDU?Let's say two switches connect and are configured as access ports, but the vlans differ (so A (accessport 20) connects to B (accessport 30)). How will the BPDU's behave in th...

Hello,I was trying to understand a simple scenario regarding bandwidth usage. Assuming there is an ethernet link of 40Mbps capacity between two locations.there is a huge file transfer of around 400MB from one to another point.The usage of the link af...

suthomas1 by Level 6
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Resolved! Default Gateway

HiQ1Can anybody please explain me what is the use of  ip dafault gateway on an L2 switchI believe it is used when switch recieves an packet and its does where to forward the packet is this correct?Q2. How does it work when a L 2 switch recieves an IP...

hi,     Does anyone has an actual config for performing eFsu for a VSS system?     I already have a document i just want to verify.     Thanks.