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HiI have a 6509 which just wont ntp sync no matter which synced up device I point it too, I think it's something to do with a server that should be getting it's ntp update from my switch which you can see in paste below. This switch is connected to a...

ktwaddell by Level 1
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I have a switch connected to the other 2 that form a core.VLAN 306 is created in the 3 switchs (level 2) and allowed their passage through the trunks. The configurations are identical on both sides of the trunk. The confiuración the VTP is identical ...

slandeira by Level 1
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HiSuppose if a new link is added in an existing STP switched network.  Does TCN is generated?  If not, then how all switches learn the new link.  Or even the same switch, which might have a different root port, but after adding the new link, it could...

cwet by Level 1
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Hi all,I have 2950t switch and it has 1 vlan.right now i have this under vlan 1no ip route-cachemy question is should i enable it under vlan1 or not?what are its advantages?many thanksmahesh

mahesh18 by Level 6
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I have a security system in which i need a static IP address in my house (in which the cable company already gave me my static IP), however, i need everything else to be on DHCP address (computers, Access point)....I have a house in which i have ever...

Can the Catalist 3560 be configured to switch off MAC multicast addresses rather than IP multicast addresses?If not, what does it switch off if the multicast data is not IPv4 or IPv6? Or does it forward the data to all ports?In addtion, if the multi...

tempest26 by Level 1
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I have a 3750 in a stack and some trunks to 3560s.  We are implementing a new phone system with non-cisco phones.  The phones we are using are aastra's.  Our switches have the auto qos turn on for the trunks. The intention is to plug the existing des...

i have to assign a seperate default route on vlan2. Please let me know how to do that I already have a default route on Vlan 1 but dont want to use that for vlan2

I have a remote site that has setup VRRP on interfaces 5/1 and 5/2. Should both the master and the slave interface ports be on the same module or on separate ones...if they are available? Is there a best practice document for VRRP that will state thi...

Hello Everyone,I am preparing a group of switches for production and noticed some interesting behavior. I am interested in getting some feedback on it.Allright, This is the enviornment. I have two 3750G switches stacked via the stacking cable. I have...

Hello Everyone,I have a question / situation that I'd like to run everyone by.Client's enviornment looks something like this :                                                   Historically, the servers have existed on the same subnet ( /2...