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Resolved! LSAs in link state protocols

Lets say we have a stable network and we are using a link-state routing protocol. Then something fails. Will the routers reflood ALL LSAs when one LSA changes or only refloods the changed LSAs?

STP CFG:... output

Hi,I have on my span debug this output:.Jun 15 08:47:06: STP CFG: get port param unknown 0 FastEthernet3/17 9=1 rc=1.Jun 15 08:47:06: STP CFG: found port cfg FastEthernet3/17 (436450D8).Jun 15 08:47:06: STP CFG: found port cfg FastEthernet3/17 (43645...

vjemin by Beginner
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Resolved! md5 authetication in eigrp

Hi every body!I have question about md5 authentication in eigrp.will following configuration work?r1s0-------------------------s0r2Both are running eigrp:r1key chain zeekey 1key-string americar2;key chain sarahkey 2key-string america=================...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Which ISO to support ip route-cache ???

I need to enable netflow on our 3750/3650 switches. The command structure is "ip route-cache flow". However when I try to ad this, I get the usuall unrecognised command. I have taken a look on Cisco, but cannot find the right ISO version to enable th...

gginty by Beginner
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Lost Image

Hi Everyone,I accidentally deleted the image from a Cisco 3750 switch. Now all I see is switch:, I hav etried the command switch:boot, but nothing. I tried to connect the switch to a stack, but it doesn't boot.Any help please.Thanks

Resolved! DNS Server on router

Hi all...Please can someone help me! OK here is the issue, I have just set up an 837 at home in place of my bband wireless router. I managed to get the ADSL configured correctly and NAT etc is all working fine, however I could not figure how to set u...

ospf query

Hi,There are 3 sites A,B,C. Site A aggregration device will be configured with ospf & connected to 2 isp uplinks.Site A needs to access servers in DC which is located off C.Even internet site for A goes thru B.A has a default tunnel running to B.B is...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Microsoft NLB and Cisco 4507R

I was trying to follow this document for setting up my Cisco 4507R switch to support multicast mode for a Microsoft network load balancing.http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/switches/ps708/products_configuration_example09186a0080a07203.shtmlBut I...

jplowick3 by Beginner
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