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Hi,We have recently suffered a crash on one of our Cat 6509's, using a Sup720 / MSFC3 with PFC 3B.The result of "show ver" states that the "System restarted by processor memory parity error at PC 0x601799C4". The following document clearly states tha...

cbeswick by Beginner
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Resolved! TFTP Interface

Dear all,is it possible to "say" a multilayer swtich (3750) which interface he should use for a tftp upload? With ping and trace I can, but is it for tftp for example also possible?It would be helpfull for our firewall configuration on remote locatio...

Hello ExpertsMy home broadband has just been upgraded to ADSL2 and my cisco 857 doesn't recognise the ADSL line anymore.Its got 12.4(6). The wan interface is reads ATMoPOTS.Some forums say that the Firmware needs upgrading. Some say the IOS needs upg...

aravindhs by Beginner
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Is it possible to define only this range of hosts: /24 in standard ACL without entering each host per line?Thank you.ip access-list standard PAT permit permit permit other ways?

I am installing a 2600 Router, after configuring the router's fa0/0 for LAN with a private ip address and configure interface fa0/1 for WAN, the router cannot route packets from LAN to WAN. My ISP is using a modem that assigns dynamic private ip addr...

Hello,I have 2 routers in my lab connected together via the serial ports, on Router 1 I want any IP from (Fas0/0) to get NAT'ed to when going over the WAN.If I use my laptop on and ping

whiteford by Beginner
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Hii Everybody,I am new to the VLANS , so i would like to have suggestions from you people .I have a 10 MB Internet >> connected to Firewall >> connected to L3 Switch >> There are about 40 L2 switches beneath this L3 Switch with no STP as the physical...

Hello,I have a new 861-W, whose WAN port on is connected to the LAN side of an 831 on I setup static ip on VLan2 on the 861-W and assigned port FA3 to VLan2. I connected a notebook to FA3 with stati...

I am currently studying 802.1D and 802.1w, I have a few questions:1. STP election is in the sequence of electing root bridge, root ports and than designated ports.how does BPDUS are sent when the port at initial state is in blocking state ?2.does thi...

I have 2 Access switch (6513) having multtiple VLAN , All are enabled for DHCP , But only sigle VLAN i am not getting DHCP IP , But Same time my reduntant switch same vlan i am able to get DHCP.

Hello Everyone,Currently in our data center, we have a Cisco 6513 as the core ,a single Dell m1000e blade center containing a pair of Cisco 3130G switches, and a pair of Cat 3550 switches for the DMZ (plus a load of other stuff not needing to be ment...

priedman1 by Beginner
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