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Bug in 12.4(11)XJ4 IPv6 ACL

Hello all,Since I do not have access to the TAC, I figured the best place to tell Cisco about this problem is on here, please let me know if there is a better way to report bugs if you do not have TAC access.I searched the bug db but couldn't find an...

jproos by Beginner
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Access-list problem

hi friends , I wrote an access-list that permit only 2 hosts from the specified network. and apply this list to interface inbound . the first host are accessible but the second not. Who can help me ?the list definition :ip access-list extended site2i...

Maximum memory size for 2800 series routers

http://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collateral/routers/ps5854/ps5882/product_data_sheet0900aecd8016fa68_ps5854_Products_Data_Sheet.htmlAs per this link 2811 routers support 256 MB CF. I know the P/N for 128 CF and it is MEM2800-128CF. What is the Cisco P...

VTP Question

I have two Catalyst 2950 series. I just deleted the vlan.dat file and reloaded both of the switches. Now, when I try to configure the VTP domain on one of the switches in CLI, I am missing the "mode" option. I've enclosed a copy of the CLI from bot...

Resolved! QOS policer question

How is the rate at which traffic is submitted to the policer is determined?For inbound, I understand that it will be the link speed or clock rate that will determine it. How will it be determined for outbound traffic?

packet drops on router

We are testing router with load of 50 Mb. i.e., router 2800 which is dropping packet when pinging to management interface. Whereas packet transferring and pc to pc ping is not getting dropped.

cssam by Beginner
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design/performance question

Good Day,This question involves wireless, but I think it is fundamentally one of switching.I manage the network in a large college residence hall. At present, the resident rooms are connected through wired connections to 2 6509s (sup2 layer 2 only).E...

ihouse205 by Beginner
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Vlans on 877

HiI have a 877 router (IOS advipservices).I wish to set up 3 vlans for 3 differents ip subnets, each one with different policies: and far i've set up 2 vlans.Vlan 1 works fine: fastethernet0 is assig...

Resolved! CEF720 Line Card 48 port with PoE?

I am considering VSS on two 6509-E switches but need to sustain PoE availability for some interfaces.Documentation quote:"The virtual switching system requires 67xx series switching modules. The virtual switching system does not support classic, CEF2...

Setting up server, Need Help

I already have a network setup with a server for internet access with multiple local interfaces with different IP ranges (eg., everything is working fine. now i need to setup a local webserver(eg. xampp) to be localy accessabl...

r.makhija by Beginner
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Resolved! Aironet 1231

I have an aironet 1231 that died the other day. I boots straight into ROMMON mode. My experience with APs is limited but I thought the command(s) below would reload the image via XMODEM but I can't seem to get it to work!When first booting upap: Xmod...

nelsonm by Beginner
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Input queues filling

Hi, I have two sites with 3750G's running OSPF connecting to a metro cloud. There are a number of other 3750G's in the same cloud also however only two are having problems. The Input queue is currently showing 1024/75/218/0. The result is that OSP...

Need feedback from Nexus 7000 users

We are redesigning our data center switching infrastructure which is currently 6500 based. We are considering 6500/4948, 6500 VSS, and Nexus 7000 as possible platforms for the new architecture. I am interested in hearing feedback from other organizat...

jjessup by Beginner
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