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Hi, I have a question about switches. Please refer the topology, I have attached.  The problem is I cannot ping from the PC's to the switch in other subnet. And I cannot ping from the switches to other subnets. PC1 can ping Switch1, but not switch2 a...

Hi Everyone, I'm trying to filtering routes in a Nexus Device but i can't , this is the scenario: Nexus 1 advertise routes:,, Nexus 2 have to allow, and deny So i tried using a t...

Hi there : i have a Cisco catalyst 2960-x sires 24 ports switch .. this is a brand new item purchased the last week from local vendor .  whenever i try to Putty this error message is shown as attached in the picture :  would you please tell me what t...


Some can help me to understand and correct this alarm on my switch :"Alarme Sensor 'Ethernet1/28 Lane 1 tranceiver voltage sensor/300047523 is 4.646V"

herms014 by Level 1
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I have a pair of C9500 switches in a virtual stack.  If i use the "switch #num renumber #num2" command to change a members ID, and have not yet rebooted, can i revert the renumber command? Or can i enter "switch #orignum renumber #orignum" to effecti...

jmcgrady1 by Level 1
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Hi, Want to upgrade 3850 stack switch from 16.09.06 version to 16.12.5b .which image i have to download universal or universal w/o DTLS .please help me out Switch Ports Model SW Version SW Image Mode------ ----- ----- ---------- ---------- ----1 34 W...

Part 2: Capture and Analyze Local ARP Data in Wireshark As seen above.  So it says... In Part 2 of this lab, you will ping another PC on the LAN and capture ARP requests and replies in Wireshark. You will also look inside the frames captured for spec...

ali-dj by Level 1
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Hi Team         In our Office Lab we are using 2900 routers and 2600 routers as terminal server and each terminal server has console lines - TTY (24 lines).          recent days all lines consoles opened after router credentials.         previously t...

Yasmeen by Level 1
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I have a SG-350X-48MP and two SG350X-8PMD switches I am trying to stack.  Nothing seems to work.  They are connected via MM fiber optic cables via SFP modules between the XG ports of each switch.  Before setting up stacking they cascade just fine ove...

Hi, I have two vlans, but all the hosts connected to those vlans have the same subnet because it was previously assigned using DHCP, so my question is... can the two vlans have the same gateway?.. Or there is a way to use DHCP to assign  IP addresses...

Screenshot 2022-02-20 134401.png
sebas1234 by Level 1
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Precision Time Protocol (PTP) IEEE1588v2 in Catalyst 9300 is based on hardware or software technology?Does Catalyst 9300 has PTP Chip to make a time accuracy?if yes can i have a reference document.