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css 11503 ssl in box to box redundancy

Hi all, I have 2 css11503's in active/passive redundancy config. When using the commit_redundConfig command the ssl does not copy across correctly. I have cleared the standby box and started again, but with no luck. The config guides I have found off...

Urgent help 4948 IOS

Guys i need urgent help i have couple of cisco 4948 but as soon as i turn them on it goes to rom monitor mode.....can you please help me how i am gonna put ios in it i tried on cisco web site but couldnt find it. thanks in advance

Resolved! What this configuration means?

Can anyone explain to me about Standby configuraion for VLANs? Thanksinterface Vlan21ip address helper-address x.x.x.xstandby 21 ip 21 timers msec 100 msec 750standby 21 priority 110standby 21 preempt d...

NX-OS commands ???

I was configuring a Nexus 5020 and came across a few commands that I can't find what they do.logging distributelogging commitntp distributentp commitThey seem like important command that I should have under logging and NTP. Any help one this would b...

Router 2801 at night

Hi, I have a doubt with my router 2801,nobody arrive at night in the office, so I think put the router in any action like overwintering, but I was reading and I didn't see any command to do this.Some Suggestion?thanks a lot

dflores83 by Beginner
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Setting up a Multicast Network

Ok, right now my company's multicast network is a mess and is in severe need of a redesign/management. I'm wondering what the best way to setup this network would be with the equipment that I have or buying the minimum amount of extra equipment. Cu...

jdcompman1 by Beginner
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multicast egress replication

Hi Experts,I want to understand how multicast egress replication works on catalyst 6500. Say, the ingress module wants to send a mcast packet to six egress modules. The question I have is that - if the Crossbar Switching Fabric is able to replicate t...

6509 Power Down

Hi,I need to power down, move, and bring back on line a 6509 with one sup720. Other than making sure the config is saved, is there anything else (bootup related) that I should be aware of or perform before the move show ver shows his switch has bee...