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I'm trying to set up a SPAN on a 802.1x port as the source. I'm trying to capture the 802.1x EAP conversation going back and forth and am only seeing one side of the conversation, from the host to the switch. I'm not seeing anything from the switch b...

I have 6509 for core switch and edge 3750. I have 30 vlans that distribuite with vtp and vtp pruning for avoid brodcast and another traffic generate to vlan. Which is the best solutions ? Vtp pruning or no vtp pruning but allowed only vlan that I ne...

I recently downloaded a new IOS c3560-ipbasek9-mz.122-46.SE.bin onto one of my 3560. I then entered the command boot system flash:c3560-ipbasek9-mz.122-46.SE.bin but when I do sh run | i boot, I don't see the line. I don't see it either when I do sh ...

Tshi M by Level 5
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We have a pair of 6509s that configured HRSP on Vlan 100 (Voice) and we are adding another 6509 that will also carry Vlan 100. How do I go about configuring the 3rd 6509?

I tried several methods to do etherchannel on the ASR1006 to 3750 switch.Method one:port-channel 1ip add g1/0/51no switchchannel-group 1ASR1006 configurationint port-channel 1ip add G2/1/0channe...

pajams by Level 1
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Hi,I need a idea from your expertise.For example Switch-A is active Switch-B is standby Switch-C connects these two switches and Hosts When HSRP is configured, as soon as the Active switch / its link goes down, the active MAC i...

Hi every body! I was reading about EAPOL and found the follwing on a link. Is it true that EAPOL is used for wireless as well?"The key protocol in 802.1x is called EAP over LANs (EAPOL). It is currently defined for Ethernet-like LANs including 802.11...

sarahr202 by Level 5
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We have a bunch of serverfarm switches connected to our core switch (Cat6500s).We also setup port-channel as "on"mode between them. we did not setup any load-balance policy for our environment. I think it would follow up default policy (source-mac).R...

Resolved! HSRP in Switch

Hi Everybody,I am planning to configure HSRP in 3560 switch.1. Whether the configuration will also be replicated?2. Should i connect a dedicated cable between the switches for hello messages?Can anybody throw light on this R.B.Kumar