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I have recently purchased an 1801W. However I can't even connect a PC to the router to configure it. Ethernet cables are used as instructed, but the PC cannot communicate with the router. The IP address has been set as specified in the instructions, ...

Saw this configuration on a client and couldn't figure out how this works. Client configuration:Address: Gate: With the given subnet mask how does it get to the default gatew...

jasosan22 by Beginner
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Hi All,I've got to setup a stack of 3750's for a new office my company has. I have to travel seom distance to set this up so I wanted to do my homework before I left!The stack will perform core, distribution and access roles. It's POE and will be use...

I have an issue according to how to design ip adressing for my customer. This is the actual ip addressing : - Server in paris : 172.16.1.XXX- Server in ST-Ouen : 172.16.64.XXX- WEB Server in Aubervilliers : 172.16.200.XXX- ...

I have 3750 switch with Version 12.2(25)SEE3. I am running DHCP server on it for data/voiceI am running for data and for voice.Ports are configured both for data/voice.Now i want to add another subnet because users are g...

Hi fellows, I am trying to implement a solution by which my company can achieve 100% network availability, the scenario is as following. we have two internal routers 3361 running IOS 12.2 (26) as backup and 12.3(11)T as active with EIGRP + many stati...

zulqurnain by Participant
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Hi..1> I have cisco 4000 router, Version 11.2(16).Router is going ver slow.There is no ACLs,not any routing protocls,only statis routes are there.What can be the cause??Every time there is high %age of IP Input process.2> I want to upgrade its IOS.Fr...

Greetings, attached is a simplified diagram of our network. The issue im having is increased jitter on voice calls when both data and voice is traversing our leased line. When no data is passing jitter is reduced by approx 70%Ive applied auto qos to ...

I have a switch 4507 which has default PoE Enabled.today first time I am testing this feature.But it is not detecting any device as Wireless Access point or IP phone.Any immediate help will be appreciated.

abdave by Beginner
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Resolved! cisco MSFC

hi every body!i just want to know if MSFC is used by fixed configuration switches ?or by modular switches only?thanks a lot!

sarahr202 by Contributor
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I would like to understand how two redundant power supplies work on a 4507R switch. If I configure the switch to have two redundant power supplies (power redundancy-mode redundant) I believe only one power supply will work, this is, only onw power su...

lm20ele by Beginner
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