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Resolved! port security

hello i have a question about port security .I connect together two switch sw1 -sw2  with  gigabit link in  their gi  ports and it works fine .I then set port security in switch2 with max adresses 3 and  when i ping to the host of the other switch in...

We have a pair of 3750Gs that we are seeing some orange lights on.  There is a trunk between the two switches and off of each port a loop hangs, ie port 5 on the first switch is connected to a bunch of other switches that eventually come back to port...

dbuckley77 by Beginner
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Hello,I have somewhat unique situation.Everything is L2My ISP is handing off their up link to me through 10 GB SFP (traffic rated for 2 GB).As my ASR is not licensed to do 10GB i was forced to place 3850 in between.I have ISP 10GB going to 3850 10GB ...

toolshed1 by Beginner
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I am trying to set a specific Ip address on a interface VLAN. When I check the configuration it shows me a # on the Ip address and on top it says "no ip address". I have assigned the VLAN to a port and had a device plugged in. When I check the config...

Hello, I have a few questions about unmanaged switches: Do unmanaged switches still have a software layer to operate?How an unmanaged switch operate in case of network congestion? They still have a buffer?More generally, what determines the performan...

punasup by Beginner
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