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Resolved! VLAN 1

If you change your native VLAN to something other than VLAN 1, are there any ramifications in administratively shutting down VLAN 1?

dgj1 by Beginner
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Resolved! IP Address Scheme

We are trying to come up with a new addressing scheme for our network. Does anyone have any reason not to use a /24 and setup multiple VLAN's and route between them when necessary? For example, maybe I have 10 VLAN's for PC's all with a max of 254 h...

bfrericks by Beginner
  • 10 replies
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Is there a practical limit to the number of hosts that should be allowed on a subnet on a single VLAN in a switched environment? In the past I've typically subnetted to a maximum of say a /23 with 510 hosts. But I was thinking I don't have a logica...

mmedwid by Participant
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Hi all,I need a help with routing in 3560's PoE switches. We have circle topology created with 12 switches. Two of them are 3560s. One 24 ports 3560 is default gateway. We need to change default gateway to second 3560 48 ports PoE switch. But when we...

johnleeee by Beginner
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Hi,Wondering if someone can help.I've created an access-list to check debugging but although I can successfully rdp no logs show up on the switch.Terminal monitor and logging monitor debug enabled.DSLWLQ1#sh ip access-listsExtended IP a...

muca by Participant
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i want to connect 2960G-24TC-L with 04 2960-24TC-L and one(01) 2950G-24-EI, the four(04) ports uplinks are reserved to connect all four(2960-24TC-L),my question it's possible to connect this 2950G-24-EI with using the GBIC 1000T to one of 20 ports Gi...

msidahmed by Beginner
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Hi Cisco Gurus, I have a LAN running in a flat network. The devices are 1 L3 switch and 3 L2 switch and 1 router. Currently no VLAN is configured, and all are running in VLAN 1. We are planning on LAN expansion and we will be using another subnet....

emmanuel_s by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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I have the following network setup, ASA1 connected to 4.5MB Internet line, ASA2 connected to 1.5Mb Internet line, Switch w/ multiple VLAN's acting as Layer3 router. The ASA1, ASA2 and Switch all sit on the same VLAN. I have RIP setup so ASA1 and A...

bfrericks by Beginner
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Hi,I am having 2 vlans. Say vlan 10 and vlan 50. I have multiple ports in vlan 10. I want to do netflow capture of packets that moves from vlan 10 to vlan 50. I know that catalyst 6500, doesn't support egress neflow. So now I am doing ingress netflow...