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okay, i am at a complete lost. could someone explain to me why ssh is not working on this config. or perhaps what else i can look for. much appreciated.=======================================================================ip domain-name help.comc...

dphills18 by Beginner
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HiI was hoping for some help setting up route-maps on 3750G-12S switches. The 3750's are using 12.2.(35)SE5 IPBase image.I have put in the commands:route-map vlan70 _noproxy permit 10 match ip address 10 set ip default next-hop Then I ha...

We have several switches on our lan and have two we recently put in. Our main switch is the VTP server with the domain Mesa. The two we recently put in have Mesa as well are are set as clients, but they are not pulling the vlans from the vtp server...

Hanzni_2 by Beginner
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I am having conf-reg 0x2102My image is in sup-bootflashI used commandboot system flash sup-bootflash:xxxxx.binIt was working properly.I tried to upgrade with new image.That's when it started giving problem.It did not boot with new image, but rather i...

I have a cisco 3845 attached to a foundry switch. Packets to a cluster address that uses mutlicast at layer 2 on the other side of the foundry are not getting through. The 3845 gets an arp entry for the multicast mac address. Other devices on the fo...

i have access-list applied on route r interface--interface Ethernet0/1 description Pt-Pt Connection to ATT CE Router ip address ip access-group 190 out ip directed-broadcast half-duplex i have few servers connected to s...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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HiPlease please advise!!I have a problem with inter-vlan routing and using the correct gateway.I have a network configured with 8 Vlans, each vlan is in a different subnet and resides in separate buildings in the campus.Example.VLAN 10 -

bavingtonm by Beginner
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Hi We have recently inherited a number of c1900 switches, and want to automate the checking of configurations. To do this we usually set the terminal length to 0 so we can get the whole config and output from other commands in one go. Does anyone kno...

wallace1p by Beginner
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