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Dear experts,I have 1 2960 switch. I need to separate traffic from each switch port to the others except for one or more common ports.For example. I have 3 ports: 1,2,3. I need to make sure that- Traffic from port 1 can not reach port 2 and vice-vers...

Folks, Does ISIS check for MTU when forming adjencies? I remember reading somewhere that ISIS pads the hello packets to full MTU to overcome this problem. Please can someone confirm.Thanks

We have multiple switches install on our Lan but they don't have any ip address.Since configurable consumer-level switches usually don't offer SNMP ora way to examine the ARP table. How can I find those switches and assign them a ip?

kissimach by Beginner
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I am getting the below output while pinging remote IPdistribution-1#Protocol [ip]:Target IP address: count [5]: 1000Datagram size [100]:Timeout in seconds [2]:Extended commands [n]: ySource address or interface: vlan255Type of serv...

I introduced a new 3560 into a client network using 2 SFP modules on the 3560.So there were 2 fiber links from the 3560 to the 6509. As soon as the 2 connections were put on the same VLAN it brought down the client's entire switch, because all VLANs...

ctd_77801 by Beginner
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HiI want to set one of my switch's port in 2 different VLAN.I already read that we can put a port in multiple VLAN with the command : switchport mode multi. Then I think, you can specify which vlan is allowed.But I want to know how can I do this kin...

Hi, Ours is a small retail company. The only cisco devices that are there are 2 877 ADSL's one for internet and the other is a 256K data circuit connected to our HO. Issue: The data circuit is on a different IP range ( and the internet (1...

Is there a standardized protocol that would allow load balancing to occur over multiple hops from one point to another? LACP is intended for use with point-to-point links. I'm wondering about a routing-like load sharing for a Layer 2 redundant netw...

pthomason by Beginner
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Hello,I have inherited a problem with a stack of 4x 3750 switches. There is a TACACS configuration error on the stack that means I am unauthorized to configure any changes. Each switch has one interface connecting to the management network, but these...

Hi,If i enable voice and data VLAN in the same port how will the IP phones get an IP address from DHCP. MY current configuration is trunk for the phones. Will there be a performance issue on both the configurations. ( Trunk and voice VLAN). Which is ...

drnteam by Beginner
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Hi,We have the following situation.2 2950 switche connected to 2 Microsoft ISA servers with network load balancing on the isa servers. Between the 2 2950 i'm planning to create an etherchannel. But to support the 2 isa servers in active active conf...

Hello My 3550 lists its Gi0/1 interface as "unknown", but duplex and speed ont the trunk link is negotiated fine to 1000 - in the other end of the fibre there is a 1000BaseSX SFP.Should i take any action, as it seems to work fine? (But why does it li...

towli by Beginner
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hi everyone,one of our customers encountered a strange problem: after a power outage their 1812 router needs to be reconfigured, as if the flash did not hold the running config. what can cause this? can you pls recommend any diagnostic tools and (or ...