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This isn't a *real* problem but just an oddity if anyone would like to chime in. I have added a 1GB compact flash drive in my 4506-E Supervisor IV. It works fine I can copy configs and boot images to it but it is very slow. It's like it is trying to...

thunt by Beginner
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Hi Guys, Can i configure vlans , VTP and spanning tree in 7206 routers? and can i advertise vlans created in 7206 routers to 3550 switches?can any body give me URL of sample configuration so i can study the same. can any body tell me how c...

We have a network with four 3750's at the core doing HSRP for several VLANS and running OSPF. There are trunk ports from these devices connecting other swithes in various buildings on the campus. All of our servers and some outlying users are on VL...

aking by Beginner
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I have a 3750 with a static route and a floating static route. When the port connected to the next hop of the static is down my floating route is not inserted into the routeing table. Is there a trigger I'm missing?Thanks,Andyrouter eigrp 100 network...

Resolved! QOS Shaping -

I have a 100MB ethernet connection to our service provider, but am only buying 10MB of bandwidth.I am shaping our traffic to 10MB and then applying QOS to prioritize Voice and Video and this works great.Here is the existing running config that works ...

jkeeffe by Explorer
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Cisco Catalyst 3750G-24TS 24 Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports and 4 SFP ports; 1.5RUI want to know if you had 8 port switch with same feature as above switch.

pperez911 by Beginner
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hi all, i would like to get some guidance on the VPN failover design, just like we do in BGP where the neighbours form neighbour relationship with each others loopback addresses, can we do the same in site to site VPN ? like both of the peers form vp...

hi all, can some 1 explain me the difference between layer 3 and 2 etherchannel ? ( kindly also refer me a cisco doc also ), and suppose i have 1841 router with 2 fastethernet interfaces then can i make a layer 3 etherchannel based on these 2 interfa...

Hi someone can help me to troubleshoot this NTP case:I have Linux NTP server and i try to sync time with my cat6509 but it's not work? I'm not sure i miss something, here this is config of cat6509ntp clock-period 17180022ntp source gig 5/1ntp master ...