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Resolved! hyperterminal problems

I inherited a 2950t-24 switch. I attempted enter privileged exec mode, but was unable to guess the secret password. I initiated the password recovery but after i broke the restart the switch stopped echoing my responses to hyperterminal. I enabled...

StackWise Technology

Hello,I have some query about StackWise Switching.what i understand for stack wise is that number of switches are physically connected sharing the information between all the switches and gives single point of management, also provide redundancy thro...

3750 stack dropping routed packets

The stack consists of a 24TS and a 12S. It has about 40 vlans on it and 25 SVI's. Except for minor changes to access-lists, its config has stayed relatively the same for several years.I added a 3750E to the stack over the summer and upgraded the fi...

2960G TC-L Uplinking

Hello all,I'm in the process of deciding which switches would be best for current performance and future growth. Right now we're using 3com 4400 48-ports. They are cascaded to each other.My questions are;1) What is better. Cascade stacking switche...

Logging blues

I have configured logging for a customer but am obviously doing something incorrectly.I need for the logs to show authentication attempts, and currently when I do a "sho log" I dont see any.the following is configured on the box:logging buffered 3276...

different 'enable' passwords?

Hi All,What I want to achieve is to give enable access to 2 different user groups (ie full rights) and NO tacacs is available.I require one user to have enable rights to one switch only, but at the same time give enable rights to the 'network communi...

mark-bear by Beginner
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Unable to route packets

I am facing a routing problem. Refer to the attached document for network topology.On the C2811 router (IOS 12.4), I can ping to any local VLAN segments. But I can't ping to remote 10.10.31.x/24., other than .254 host. But on the C1841 router itself,...

jason.tan by Beginner
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Intervlan Routing with NAT

Hi have 7206 with 2 fa port. Port 1 and is connected to my ISP router. While port 2 is connected to a layer 2 switch going to my LAN. I configured my switch with dot1q trunking and 7206 router's fa4/0 with dot1q encapsulation. Trunking is working fi...

Power supply question in 6500

I had a power supply failure in 6506, I replaced it with the spare but when I inserted it i found out that it was a 3000W power supply and my original was 2500PS1-Type PS2-Type-------------------- --------------------WS-CAC-2500W ...

nawas by Enthusiast
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IOS downgrade on a 3750, errors.

I am attempting to downgrade my IOS in a 3750 replacement switch.I am going from 12.2(35) SE5 to our present build which is 12.2(25)SEE3.My tar file in tftp is a known good file and I have used successfully in the last month or so on older 3750's. On...

nhuntle by Beginner
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Resolved! Vlans and trunk links

I have several layer 3 switches in my network and layer 2 switches directly connected with the layer 3 switches. Some of the L2 switches belong only to one Vlan (etc Vlan 35). What's the best solution. The link between L3 and L2 to be a trunk link or...

2960-24TC-L vs 2960-24TC-S

Hi:Is there a document that explains or compares the difference between the 2960-TC-L vs the 2960-TC-S, LAN-BASE vs LAN-LITE?? Or can someone explain the difference in the ios features?Thanks

blocking UDP port on the 2960 switch

HelloI need to block udp port 1443 to 15 devices. The network is setup at the moment with an ACL list. Apparently this is not working and a VLAN configuration has been suggested.Can anyone suggest a configuration because I have read that the lower en...

Strange Port-Security!

Hi,I have Cisco catalyst 3560 SW PoE-24, i'm using this switch as testing for port security. The installed IOS Version is 12.2(40)SE.I'm applying the following commands to the interface one after one for testing, and i'm connected my laptop to the Ci...

a.hajhamad by Enthusiast
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