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Resolved! Deleting a virtual interface

There is a debate among our engineers on the proper command to delete a virtual interface on an MSFC. Which command is correct and why?delete interface vlanxxxorno interface vlanxxxThere's a dinner riding on this one!

peter.mark by Beginner
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Hi all, can anyone tell me about typical encapsulation, say ppp, does it only encapsualtion the ip header and data within the ethernet frame, or does it encapsulate the ethernet frame ?

Resolved! Connecting a switch to a 3560

I have the following commands configured on a 3560 switch:spanning-tree portfast defaultspanning-tree portfast bpduguard defaultinterface GigabitEthernet0/9 switchport access vlan 7 switchport mode access spanning-tree bpdufilter enableI want to conn...

russ by Beginner
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Ip subnet zero

Hi everyone, i have little confusion regarding 2n-2 formula, when we were subtracting 2 from 2n, first thing we were subtracting was the first subnet i.e 0 but wats the second thing that we used to subtract ? thanks

route-map on 3560g

Hello,I am trying to isolate a vlan interface in order to dedicate it for management.I tried to isolate it (at layer 3) using route-map :my admin net is (int vlan 945)my operation net is (int vlan 8)ip access-list standard allow...

IP access list query

I am trying to troubleshoot an issue on an internal access list on a catalyst switch. The network is and I have the mask set at can someone confirm that the mask is correct?Thanks.

Resolved! Harsh Environmental Conditions

Hi all,I am currently planning an expansion of our network in northern Australia, and am expecting ambient air temperatures to reach 50C during the summer months. As such I need a Cisco switch that can handle high temperatures, and has gigabit capabi...

Daniel_A. by Beginner
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SFP Ports on 3560

Hi,My Question is about the bandwidth that SFP Ports on a 3560 provide. There are four SFP ports on my 3560-48. Do these ports provide dedicated bandwidth separately ? Also do these ports share bandwidth with the other 48 UTP ports on the switch or t...

Resolved! native VLAN

Hi,i have a cisco 2950 switch. onfiguration on interface is:interface FastEthernet0/22 switchport trunk native vlan 101 switchport mode access spanning-tree portfastMy question: when i connect a new pc for example to this port, in which VLAN will thi...

Cisco Router Uptime

I have a basic question here. Can a cisco be rebooted "softly" via the command prompt? If so, does the uptime reset? Does the uptimes change ONLY when the router is hard powered off and on?

danny9797 by Beginner
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dsl router

Can anyone tell me what the cd light means, I know it means carrier detect, but does this mean the dsl connection has been made, or that there is just a line plugged into it ?

Resolved! C4507R power supply problem

hi i have a C4507R with two PWR-C45-1400DC.Now the two power supplies can run ,the leds on it are all green,but system can't recognize the two power supplies . so that the power for the line card is not enough."show power " is list : Power Fan Inl...

Bgp conditional multihoming

Hi, if i m connecting 2 routers A and B with an ISP and i want to make sure that A is the primary EBGP neighbour with ISP and B starts peering only when A is down, how can i do it ??? can u tell me wat configuration is required ??thanks