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Hello!I have Cisco-831.Few days ago was changed dns on isp side and as result i changed it on my cisco-831.After that on lan computers(Lan computers use as dns ip address of internal interface on cisco-831) that are behind cisco 831 started to be pro...

Hi, i am looking for a way to do software data compression through cisco IOS. while searching i went through a white paper that discussed different compression techniques like per-interface compression, tcp/ip header comp etc, but i am not able to fi...

Hi AllI have a catalyst 4500 switch on my network, fairly new, its actually not up to a year old and its running on IOS version 12.2(31)SG.Couple of days ago, it just frooze out, and the whole network grounded to a halt, i could not console into or g...

Resolved! VTP

Please can anyone tell me which is better?Using VTP on switches orConfiguring vlan manually on switches?Bearing in mind we only have 6 switches. Thank you

qwertys21 by Level 1
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I have three DSL connections, each of 1Mbps. I need a cisco product which combines all the three DSL connections to give me a combined bandwidth of 3Mbps. I will prefer a Wireless product, otherwise a normail cisco router / switch will do the trick.W...

Unfortunetlly during a power outage (the backup battery failed), one of our Catalyst 3500 Series XL switch (WS-C3524-XL-EN) got damaged... If you turn it on, the fans turn on and the RPS and ports 3-7-11-15-18-23 turn on Amber and it stays that way, ...

GCRDelphi by Level 1
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Hi all,We have seen in 12.2.18SXF12 (maybe also available in earlier releases) that the following interface configuration command in available:--MPLS_RTR13_SUP720(config-if)#pagp rate ? fast PAgP packets are transmitted at the fast rate ...--Thi...

loudo by Level 1
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Hi everyone,I've been fighting the whole day with some crazy customer requirements. Everything worked except the simplest thing (or at least I'm not satisfied with the results) - I have two ISPs and I have to do load-balancing with static routes and ...

Hi, all,I have a subnet consist of a 2610XM router, a catalyst 2950(24 port). Since my router has only one FE port, it's configured as below:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!interface FastEthernet0/0 description CONNECTION TO CISCO_SW...

Assume 2 switches are configured as VTP servers with same domain name. Switch #1 has vlan 10, 20 while switch #2 has vlan 30 and 40. When 2 switches connects in trunk mode will switch #1 update switch #2 vlan database or vice versa?

yangxia by Level 1
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