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hi,We are having css11000 series , which is confugured in very basic configuration.one VIP , which is bounded to two seperates physical IP address machines. We need to load balance on a particular port. We have defined a serive for both servers and...

Hello,I have a 4507r and have added a new interface vlan 75 with an ip address of I have created an ospf route for the network in the 0 area but for some reason I cannot ping it. Here is the config in question... interface Vlan75...

Resolved! Lowest Mac Address

Hi Expert ,I want to know how we can determine the lowest Mac Address among the addresses in details.For Example:0080.afc0.00000080.fac0.11110080.fac0.0000BR,Ibrahim Alwahidi

alwahidi22 by Beginner
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i have configure pix 506 for remote vpn, every thing is ok but when i try to connected clinet i am not able to access any thing neither internet nor remote server

Hi Experts,We have 2 sites interconnected via WAN links. We have mail servers on bth sites.Mail server in site A is natted to a public IP(on PIX) to enable users to access their emails outside of office.Site A has internet connectivity and the router...

network_a by Beginner
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Guys....i have a v simple problem i shd i guessed it but i m helpless......i m so dissappointed with my self that spending 7 years in cisco industry i forget commands all the time :-( i have a pc connected to a swicth (3550) now i have given a pc an ...

The msfc3 in my 6504E will not route because the vlans are not passing across the 15/1 trunk. They are defined and are eligible but nothing. All asociated vlan interfaces in the MSFC3 are up and up.Can anyone help? Thanks!


Hi, I'm using the BUNDLE1841 with IOS ADVANCED SERVICES. I am having problems as ip subnet-zero command.The router accept the command, but after to save the configurations, the show running, i don't see the ip subnet-zero on!What it can be happening?...

Here is the DLSW config from an L3 CatOS swtich Im working on. bridge 1 protocol ieee bridge 2 protocol ieee bridge 3 protocol ieee bridge 4 protocol ieee bridge 5 protocol ieee bridge 6 protocol ieee bridge 7 protocol ieee interface Vlan73 descripti...

lamav by Collaborator
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i have an asa runnign 7.2(2) with pim enabled. directly connected to an upstream interface is my multicast source. Downstream, via my inside interface, i have all my clients off of two nortel 8600s running pim ssm. I manually entered all my ip pim...

noran01 by Participant
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Hello Do I want I need to know as knowing the bandwith real of a connection that it passes over bridge of two ports of switch cisco.is there any statics that help me know the bandwidth of my device wireless.SW-3550-FA 0/24--BRIDGE--FA 0/24 SW-3550.is...