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cannot boot image

i'm using cisco 2600 series router.i can't boot the flash, when i reset the router, it goes through the rommon prompt.i'm try to xmodem console download, but i can't.may someone help me?

Trunking with 6506

Hi,I am having wierd issue with trunking two 6506 switches with WS-SUP720-BASE Supervisor engine.I have configured trunk ports with following config:Switch 1:---------set port speed 2/1 100set port duplex 2/1 fullset spantree portfast 2...

skhriz80 by Beginner
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Opening ports to be used on 4506 ...

Hi, I have a camera system that needs to use ports 5001 and 5002 on a 4506 system ... How do I make these ports available to the camera system ? Surprisingly it works with no issues on the 2950 switch. [1] Doees anyone know how do I make th...

Switchport security

I have a 3560 with version 12.2.25SEE3 and I would like to setup switchport security on all the ports. I noticed if I connect a IP phone to the switch it detects the phone but not the computer connected to it. Is there a work around? I would like t...

BGP Load balancing problem

Hi all,I have in my office two Catalyst 4000 switches that do layer 3 routing. HSRP is used on all vlans, so that one switch acts as primary and the other as failover. The HSRP address of each vlan interface is configured as the default gateway on al...

cwtseit by Beginner
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Regading NSSA

Hi,i need information between stub area(As Default route to reach any destination)and not so stuby area(AS some specfic rute rather than default route).in which circumstances the both stub and NSSA is usedWhat it identifies the AGE column when viewin...

Resolved! Aggregation Point

I need to create a point where all my uplinks/trunks can terminate. Is there a fixed switch that comes with 12 or more SFP connections or will I need to go to a modular switch for that?

tohoken by Beginner
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Intervlan routing problem

My objetive is to have 2 vlans working, one for the users and the other for remote administration.I have one router and one switch layer 2I tried to configure the router and the switch in this way but I could not have the 2 vlans up at the sime time ...