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Resolved! Problem with module in 6500

2007 May 12 08:06:37 IST +05:30 %SYS-5-MOD_NOSCPPINGRESPONSE:Module 6 not responding... resetting module2007 May 12 08:06:37 IST +05:30 %SYS-5-MOD_RESET:Module 6 reset from SoftwareThe above are the messages i have recieved. I did the error decoder f...

hoogen_82 by Enthusiast
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Printing Cisco Devives Configuration

Hello, it is great to have you u there.I am the infrastructure manager in NigeriaNet.Please , how can i print the configuration on my cisco router.Please can u help me out on this.i highly appreciate doing that for me


I am trying to use the ttcp and chargen commands but I keep getting connection refused by remote host. I have 2 switches with very minimal configs on them. I can telnet from switch A to switch B but when I try to use switch A to chargen or ttcp to B,...

newbie by Beginner
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VLAN Commuications

I have purchased 6 new switches, 1 3560, 2 2960-48, and 3 2960-24. My current network only has one subnet, and I'm wanting to implement VLANs to help break up the network. I have created 5 VLANs 36,38,39,40,41 plus VLANs 1 and I hav...

DHCP Snooping binding Database empty

Hi,we're experiencing a problem which happen randomly with Cat3750...The CPU usage increase over 60% for a period of time and we've not yet defined the exact cause...after that the DHCP Snooping Database on the switch start to release the IP Address....

oguarisco by Participant
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Hi,,Is there any way to copy or view the crashinfo file while i'm in rommon console in 6509 switch.regards

osamaokok by Beginner
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Input errors 6509

Hi,We have recently set up a 6509, experiencing errors on both of the WS-X6748-GE-TX modules. Its on the trunk interfaces to 2 cisco WS-C3550-24.When we moved the trunk to the sup port we got no errors.We are planning to connect a pc to the ports to ...

bjornarsb by Enthusiast
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VTP Client Query

I was reading a document which says"It might seem intuitive that a switch acting as a VTP server could come online with a higher configuration revision number and wreak havoc on the whole domain. You should also be aware that this same thing can happ...

bridging serial link to ethernet

Hi all, If I have a leased line connection presented on a 2 meg serial connection on my router, would it be possible to bridge between them, would I have to configure the router as a bridge either end, is this possible ?cheersCarl