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Standby module monitoring - 4500

Hi,I have just figured out that the "CISCO-STACK-MIB" was not supported by the Cat4K IOS, is that possible to confirm me this ?As a result, how can I monitor the status of my standby sup on a Cisco 4500 ?Thanks.Best regards,Romain

MSFC 1 lost IOS - Xmodem not working

My 6506 sup1a with MSFC goes into Route Processor Ronmon. I believe the MSFC boot image is corrupt while updating.Trying to use the xmodem -s9600 -c and transfer the 1.8 meg file using the console port. It starts tranferring then hangs, i am using hy...

BGP Route-maps

HI Gents,I have configured BGP with ISP like this.neighbor remote-as 65000neighbor activateneighbor soft-reconfiguration inboundneighbor prefix-list TEST-PREFIX outno auto-summaryno synchronizationnetwork 20.20...

Resolved! Maximum BGP peers

Hi, can anyone tell me the maximum numbers of BGP peers a Supervisor 720BXL can support. I can not find any information regarding this on the Cisco product information.Thanks.

Netflow on CatOS

Hi,I have a few 6509's with SUP1a's and I was wondering if running NetFlow on them will create a lot of extra load on them. This is what we have in slot1:WS-X6K-SUP1A-2GE Hw : 7.0 Fw : 0.0 Fw1: 5.4(2) S...

interconnecting two 3550 switches

Hi there, our 3550 switch has run out of ports and I want to add another 3550 next to it with an interconnecting cable linking them together so as to make it one big switchDoes anybody know any good docs that would help me figure out how to do this, ...

Resolved! Acs3.0

hello experts!I Have a couple of questions!1)how can i reset the password For the 4507R2)i have Acs3.0;i want to install it on my network;and configure it for authentication?Appreciate ur Help!RegardsALI

alsayed by Beginner
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Resolved! Multiple spanning-tree root devices.

Hi, I have been alerted, by Ciscoworks LMS, that I have multiple spanning-tree root devices on my network. I have configured one of our 6509s (CatOS) to be root for all devices and the priority was ato set to 8192. However I have 8 devices that are r...

2948G problem

Hi,We are having 2948G-GE-TX switch in production. Suddenly it stopped working. When console connected it is not showing anything. Below are LED details:STATUS: AMBERPSI: ORANGERPSU: NO LIGHTAny advice in troubleshooting this issue.RegardsSivakondala...

Loopback on T1

Hi there, I got 4 new 1841 with a T1 WIC. I have configured the F0/0, S0/0/0 (Frame-Realy), and the sub-int S0/0/0.1 correctly. I would like to know why when I do a show ip interface breif, the S0/0/0 and S0/0/0.1 status come up as Down and the pro...

skhirbash by Beginner
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dual 6504 and packet processing

I have 2 6504's with sup32 and a copper gig ports on the DFC. I have a Layer 2 connection between the 2 6504?s on the DFC. I have 2 servers one off each 6504 that need to talk to each other. So the packet flow should go?.Server A to 6504A to layer...