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802.1x Mac Authentication Bypass

HelloWhen i configure 802.1X with Vlan assignement, and mac authentication bypass not activate, the port go to VLAN Guest when the PC is shutdownHowever, yhen you configure 802.1 with vlan assignement and Mac authentication bypass activate, when the ...

high cpu utilization

Dear allFor the normail time, The cpu utilization of L3 Switch (4507R Version 12.2(20)EWA) about 30%-40%.For now, It about 60%-70%.I didn't change any configuration of the switch.I attached a file that contain the output of "show tech-support".Please...

nitass by Beginner
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ACL order causes high IP-Input

Hello,today I experienced a weird problem with a Catalyst 3550. One interface has two ACLs, B in ingress and A in egress. They've been in place for quite a long time without any problem. To sum it up, I trivially modify ACL A (add a routine "deny"...

how to check traffic on cat 6513

Hi Can anybody tell me , what can cmd "show ip cache flow " will give and also how do i can check the current traffic which is flowing on the 6513 switch. (viz source ip, des ip, protocol, portnumber)Pls let me knowregardsShashi

Data Rate on router

Hi , Kindly let me know when i do sh int se0/1 what does this signyfy input rate and output rate and can this be added together to get the total bandwith of the link . 5 minute input rate 0 bits/sec, 1 packets/sec 5 minute output rate 0 bits/se...

cisco by Beginner
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Several gateways

I have a cisco 2651 with 3 ethernet interfaces.1 is for Lan ( 192.168.3.x) 1 is for default gateway (fiber connection)1 is for a static route to (DSL connection )The problem is that when the lan users in...

NAT using VLANs

Hi. Trying to do NAT on a MSFC using vlan interfaces. Have one outside and one inside interface and many other vlan interfaces on the msfc. SInce there are many interfaces the traffic isnt forced to go through the outside interface to get to the insi...

dgambrill by Beginner
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Static Nat with Sup-720

I'm trying to configure a static NAT using a Sup-720 and two vlans configured on the same switch. NAT appears to be being bypassed by something like MLS or CEF or.... Have tried disabling both for vlans involved. No luck. NAT does take place if sourc...

tsquires by Beginner
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4948 and BGP

Hi,My client has a pair of 4948's with statics in a Data Centre terminating a number of WAN access circuits via firewalls and now has a requirement to run BGP and route reflectors on the 4948's. There would be a total max throughput of only around 40...

les.flack by Beginner
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WRR on NM-16ESW on 3640 Router

Hi,I am using a 16-Port EtherSwitch NM in a 3640 Router. I am trying to use it as layer3. For this I have configured it with "no switchport" command. I want to know if it supports WRR(weighted Round Robin)or any other scheduling on any of its interfa...