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VLAN Trunking between C4006 and C3560

Hello,I have follow configuration with 2 Switches:Catalyst 4006:WS-C4006 Software, Version NmpSW: 6.4(1)Catalyst 3560:IOS Version 12.2(25)SEB4The Switches are connected over follow Ports:C4006:Port 4/10 (1000Base-SX)VLAN 1C3560:interface GigabitEther...

bedata by Beginner
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routing from a /8 address

Hi all, my network sits on a address, we have put a route on our route to another address, our pc's can ping this fine ? how come this is, I would expect my pc to look local rather than go the the default gateway ?any ideas

PACLs and VACLs compatibility on the 3560

Hi!Cisco docs say that:"You can use input port ACLs, router ACLs, and VLAN maps on the same switch. However, a port ACL takes precedence over a router ACL or VLAN map:- When both an input port ACL and a VLAN map are applied, incoming packets received...

ovt by Enthusiast
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VLAN access map

If there are 2 match statements (1 IP 1 MAC for example) in the same sequence on a VLAN access map how are they dealt with, AND or OR ?.

upgrade code on 6509

Are there well defined process to upgrade the 6509 code for a native switch with dual MSFC2 cards?I will provide you with sh Mod and sh Ver, please let me know if you need more Info.I have already opened a TAC case, but the answer seems a little conf...

abuelala by Beginner
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l3 ip-prec and l2 cos

hi,i have a router which receives traffic on an ethernet and the router marks this traffic with the ip precedence value from 0 to 5.the router is then on a second ethernet interface to a third-party switch connected .now i want that the router also s...

rabeder by Beginner
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Conversion of 6500 SupII/MSFCII to Native

I'm having a problem converting my Supervisor card from Hybrid to Native. I can not do a Dir on my slot0:. I have a 64 meg ATA Flash card and the switch doesn't seem to like it. It is the MEM-C6K-ATA-1-64M. Does anyone know if there are support issue...

Resolved! MTU on 3560

Is it possible modify the MTU (per interface) on the 3560 EMI switches? If not per interface, is it possible at least as global command? (C3560-IPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.2(25)SEE2)

ogadri by Beginner
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Catalyst 2950 Switch

I am a beginner to networking and was wondering how to format or reset a Catalyst 2950 Switch to it's default setting? I currently have it connected to my PC using HyperTerminal (Windows XP)

ajethiji1 by Beginner
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Error in authentication

i configuerd a cisco switch with Enable secret password, but the following error accured when i tried to log into the switch:User Access VerificationUsername: CiscoPassword:Cisco>en% Error in authentication.Cisco>Cisco>en% Error in authentication.wha...

Resolved! VLAN 1 and 1002-1005

Hi, all!Please teach me! Why we must configure VLAN 1 and 1002-1005 at trunk link? I don't use Token Ring and FDDI.There was none who can solve this question at my ex-office.Thanks to all.

haa33110 by Beginner
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private vlan

Have a customer that has an inline IDS box. The IDS is transparent with an in and out. Currently, he has his internal switch on one side and another switch on the other which services firewall and a ipsec/gre tunnel router. Simple, except now he says...

whanson by Explorer
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cat 4506 & cisco 3750

Hi,Appreciate some advise on the following:1) I have a cat 4506 with 2 modules. I believe I can insert the new 3rd module without any downtime as it is hot swappable. Need to confirm.2) I have 2 stackable 3750. Intent to insert a 3rd stackable. - Is ...