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we have setup a new content that contains 2 x service. One of the service goes from alive to dying to down. If I suspend and active the service it goes Alive to dying to down again. Although I can connect to the web server that that service points to...

Hi,I'm using cisco ws-x6704-10ge blades in 3 6509 switches running sup-720's.I have a query regarding etherchannel.1) we have an existing 2 gig etherchannel link between the 3 switches. This existing etherchannel I would like to use as a backup to t...

mbaylis by Level 1
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Hi I have a plain layer3 link network /30 connection to our ISP. They also offer us a Layer2 possibility (802.1q trunk).My question is how I set this up do I have to change my layer3 interface into a layer2 trunk.What about traffic that is not destin...

Resolved! 3745 and HWIC ADSL

I was just wondering if the 3745 will support HWIC's in particular the HWIC-1ADSL for ADSL2 or 2+, or does it just support the WIC-1ADSL?Cheers,Brett

brett by Level 1
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Hi people,I want to know how can one find out the ip default gateway of a switch that is not directly connected with a router within a LAN?We can access the router through a console connection from a laptop.How can find out the switch ip default...

Hello, I have a problem with policy-map,Equipment: WS-C3560G-24TSIOS: advipservicesk9-mz.122-25.SEE3The policy-map is just not working, please look my the configuration below:mls qos aggregate-policer 90Mbps 90000000 20000 exceed-action droppolicy-ma...

Hi people,I would like to know what are the best ways to find out which switch, in a vtp domain, within a LAN ,operates in server mode considering that the LAN infrastructure is new for us and we do not have too many knowledges about that particular ...

Hi,I have Avaya IP phones connected to Cisco 3750 switches and the PCs are connected to the switch via the access port of the phones.I need to configure a native vlan on the access switch in order to allow the PCs to work :switchport trunk native vla...

PAUL CHEN by Level 1
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Hi All,please tell me what type of cable is exactly required for connecting a Router's Ethernet port to a Switch's Ethernet port.....I found on some discussions and forums on other sites that Cross Over cable is required....BUTI am using a 2621 Route...

junshah22 by Level 1
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