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helloi use 2 core switches : c6500 SUP1+PFC+MSFC2 (12.1)using HSRP....i added an ACL to vlan 122:ip access-list extended acl122 permit ip vlan 122 ip access-group acl122 innow, from a computer in vla...

ohassairi by Contributor
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Hi,I am playing with something I don't really understand, so feel free to call me a muppet.I am trying to set up netflow on 6500's and applied the following configset mls flow destination-sourceset mls bridged-flow-statistics enable 1,3,10-19,31-36,4...

Hi,Appreciate some advise on the following:I have the following devices which require to be configured with ssh and tacacs-server key with encrypted text. I don't think the existing IOS supports the request. Please help to advise if the only way to f...

Hello. We have a 4507R as our core switch, with a 48 port gig line card installed in it (WS-X4548-GB-RJ45). This card has many servers plugged into it, most running gig speeds. We are seeing Rx-No-Pkt-Buff on a lot of the interfaces, especially after...

poulid by Beginner
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hi, i m having 2 65xx Core switches with me and around 10 49xx and 10 3560 switches with me ..connected in a triangle (65xx with etherchaneel and all rest of switches with dual connection to both the core switches. need to know what is the best way t...

gauravm by Beginner
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Hello All,We are using Linux loadbalancers in our data center to manage failover, high availability between servers, now we are thinking to replace linux load balacing with cisco loadbalance switch, i need the recommendation of switch, while i wounde...

nayyares1 by Beginner
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Hi, I've got a classic core-distribution, with a FW in access layer.EIGRP between core-distribution and OSPF between FW/access-distribution.configs as follows:core:router eigrp 1network auto-summaryinterface fa0/1ip address 25...

I have a 2950 switch which is to be connected to the Intel? Express 410TStandalone Switch. i tried to connect them through trunk ports, it did not work i then tried to connect the Intel switch with the access port of 2950.Still no connection.can you ...

HiOn a Cisco 4507 with Redundant Supervisor Engine IV. Can the Interfaces/GBIC on the standby Supervisor be used or can you only use interfaces on the current active supervisor. I cant find any documentation on this.RegardsKev

kjbarrass by Beginner
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Hi,I have created few Vlans in my switch (Layer 3). when i give show ip interface brief, some vlans are showing NVRAM (under Method) and some are showing as Manual. Can anyone tell me what is the difference between them. I hv attached the command out...

Hi, I have inherrited a small network and I am tasked with changing the current ip scheme. The current topology is flat and using as it's internal range. Im planning to do away with the current scheme and add in a little segmentation usin...

johnnymac by Beginner
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