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Hi.I've been assigned the task of coming up with a plan to segment our existing network with vlans. The current network is a flat network running on Cisco 3550 and 2950 switches. The ip block that we currently have in place using vlan 1 is

l.ruiz by Beginner
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Using a 3640 and or a PIX 515, How can I redirect to an interally hosted website if a user wants to visit www.myspace.com?ThanksOn another note, on some of our 1750 routers, doing a sh run or sh runn crashes the router. Any ideas why?Thanks

Are the ports on these line cards configurable for the speed? I need to attach network printers that only have 10/100 TX cards in them and I'm trying to figure out what's the best way to handle this? Configure the port (assuming that's an option)and ...

Hi,I am facing poor lan performance in my network. My applications are not working properly. All this started to happen when I did a LAN upgrade. I replaced all of my Cat5 cables to CAT6 cables. Do by any chance this can be a reason ?Can anyone give...

dumble4me by Beginner
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Dear all,I am designing QoS on Cisco 4506 switch using ACL. I have Sup II+10GE 10GE module.The following is the error message I am getting:Feb 26 16:05:16: %C4K_HWACLMAN-4-ACLHWPROGERRREASON: Input(194/Normal, null) PolicyMap: IPPHONE+PC - hardware T...

fgeta by Beginner
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We tried to connect two buildings using fiber cable. One building has Catalyst 3520 and other building has 3750. But they don't talk to each other. To find out the problem, we bring these two switches in the same room and connect them directly with a...

Hello,Our office has 3550 which we are upgrading to 3750.The QoS values are set on 3550. The latest IOS on 3750 doesn't support the IOS commands from 3550.Is there a tool which can tell the latest QoS by looking at the old commands or I am I just bei...

mzsaad123 by Beginner
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