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I have a client that needs to connect to a FTP Server behind a Firewall. They need to use PASV FTP to access the Server.Can some one tell me what ports to open on the fw. For Active we have to open 20 and 21.. but not sure about PASVThxShyam

I want to make use of ip sla, but the "track 100 rtr 1 ..." command failsexample:ip sla 1icmp-echo source-interface FastEthernet0timeout 10000threshold 2frequency 15ip sla schedule 1 life forever start-time nowip sla 2....track 100 rtr 1 rea...

ericgarnel by Rising star
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Hi,Sorry if it is not the best place to this thread.I have one client with the Public IP Address range for their WebServers:aaa.bbb.141.112 /28They ask for more 16 ip's to the provider, and it was given the following range:aaa.bbb.140.112 /28I had co...

b.petronio by Participant
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Hi, i wanted to run a command on a defined day/time something like schedular,reason because i have made 2950 as DHCP server for each vlan's, so some time PC's couldn't get the ip address from the dhcp server as the reason that some of the ip address ...

Dear All,I have a host on a LAN that is dropping 50-100% of ping packets and I cannot at present find out why?Can anyone suggest anything that I have may overlooked? The setup; The host's IP address is dropping some but not all pings, yet when the ho...

Two sites are connected as LAN-to-LAN VPN (using Cisco 3005 VPN box). In site A, we can ping/Telnet/Trace all the IP's in site B, except 3 machines. These 3 machine on the same subnet, we can ping the rest of the IP's on the same subnet. These 3 mach...

Ahmede by Beginner
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HI all,I am running ios FW 12.4 on an ISR 2821:13 DMZ on gig0/1 sub intfs1 inside intf on gig0/01 outside intf on vlan1 (hwic 4 FE port)I need ip inspection to allow return traffic to come back.I can apply ip inspection on an interface with 2 method...

falain by Beginner
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Hi Guys,I'm setting up a HO router with a VPN router. Before I tried to set this up using just ACLS but no luck. so now I've set it up with a tunnel on both ends, the crypto map configs. I can now ping both ends of the tunnel but I'm unsure of the GR...

rodonohu1 by Beginner
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I'm going to aquire MCS-7815-I2 (Voice IP central) with CallMgr 4.2, plus "2811 Voice Security Bundle,PVDM2-16,Adv IP Serv,64F/256D", "1-port ADSLoPOTS HWIC" and "1-Port 2nd Gen Multiflex Trunk Voice/WAN Int. Card - T1/E1". With this kind of equipme...

Hello. I'm sure this topic has been beaten to death, but one more kick won't hurt. We have a data center with approximatley 140 servers. Most servers connect into 2950T switches, which connect to the core switch (4507R) via gig ethernet uplink. The c...

poulid by Beginner
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Hi, i am from Spain, excuse me my inglishI have 2 LAN:ROUTER-1, SWITCH-1, PC-1ROUTER-2, SWITCH-2, PC-2PC-1 HAVE A HAVE A is not connected internet, ROUTER-2 is connected internetI want PC-1 have internet by usin...

Hi we want to limt the access between branches without ACL, we have EIGRP,OSPF ,STATIC route in our routing table. could I do it with route filtering? is it a good solution?could you pls tell me the other solution for this subject?we have some proble...