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Hi,We are currently looking at 802.1x as solution to manual port security but I have heard horror stories about 802.1x deployments due to third party supplicant etc. Were looking at using Microsoft certificate services and Microsoft RADIUS services f...

We have Cat4006 switch , power supply got busted. We cannot find any ordering part number for the power supply because it is EOL.Can someone help us with the part number or replacement part ( if 4506 power supplies comapatible with 4006 ) ?

I have a 4700 that will not keep the configuration. I am always greet with the would you like to enter the initial configuration dialog? [yes/no]:The following is from the prompt.System Bootstrap, Version 5.3(16) [richardd 16], RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)...

How do I go about reloading the IOS on a 3500 XL. The clearer and more thorough the better- im picking up the job of a lost employee!

censanian by Beginner
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Everytime I power down my 6509 in the lab, my SUP1A card seems to lose its config and boot up in router(boot) mode. My startupconfig does point to the correct image in bootflash: This works fine if I simply reset/reload the MSFC2, however if the 6509...

dclee by Beginner
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Designing a gigabit backbone campus network. College have six buildings, each building contain 200 computers. In each building 200 computers connect to a centre switch using 100BaseT Full Duplex Ethernet link with a spanning tree topology. Centre sw...

ciscofanz by Beginner
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Hi, I need to stop broadcasting my ssid as its being reported that in our office if a Wi-Fi scan was done with any handheld device our ssid is visible on it. The requirement is to stop that. Can you please suggest me how can i do that on a Cisco 120...

I'm a little unsure about how our servers are configured on our DMZ and I want to know if our setup is the best practice or if I'm doing it completely wrong.We have 3 servers on our DMZ - 2 IIS/webservers, and 1 front end Exchange server. Each serve...

abruso by Beginner
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Our LAN comprises of a Master 3550 catalyst switch and on all the other floors we have 2950s. I'd like to know why whenever the master switch goes offline for any reason at all e.g. power failure e.t.c. when the power is restored, we loose network c...

pauldania by Beginner
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We currently have a Frame relay Network comprised of 80 plus sites running EIGRP. We will be migrating to an MPLS network soon using Juniper Routers. Are there any recommendations on how best to accomplish this??? Any help would be greatly appreciate...

Hi all, I need to block addresses to servers on my lan, the only issue is they are on the same subnet as everything else, I was going to use a pix in transparent mode, but I dont have a 515. is there anything else I can do ?