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Hi,I have 4 CE500 and 1 2960G. I would like to know an example of a good connction configuration. Right now my setup is far from optimal because I had some problems. For some reasons I could not have my IP phones to register with the Call Manager i...

malarie by Beginner
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Hi All,How can I know how much bandwidth is consumed by each station on my LAN? I familiar with methods such as NBAR, NetFlow and IP Accounting but none of them provide that particular information. NBAR tells me what applications are running, NetFlow...

Hi,can someone give me the command so that only 1 pc have an internet access? my pc is on a.a.a.a network, say a.a.a.5.ASA 5505, firmware = asa722-14-k8.binhere's my setup..ip phones & 1 pc for internet-->ASA5505-->internetaccess-list 101 extended pe...

redrobish by Beginner
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Hi all, can anyone tell me, if I have 1 ap mode set as root bridge, and the others as slaves, what does this mean, i have seen this setup, we have devices that connect to each of the access points, each ap is plugged into the lan, why would they hav...

Hello, How can we use the last 4 ports (RJ45) and the SFP ports at the same time as the MAC address is shared bettween an RJ45 port and a SFP port?What about:RJ45 ports without STP for a server/hostSPF ports as trunk beetween switches ?Regards,

jabouaf by Beginner
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I'm configuring lacp/802.3ad channels between a Cisco 3550 switch and an Extreme network switch. I would like to use source IP as the criteria for load balancing across the channel group but cannot find any mention of this capability in the Cisco CC...

Hi all, I am soon to implement qos, can anyone tell me the difference between qos and cos, is cos used on older switches? and on most new devices is it all qos ? also when running this, does it have to be on every port on every switch btween the conn...

Good Evening All,I was a valid CCNA for 3 years but never did much in the cisco world, I always kept getting these HelpDesk - Technical Support jobs. I want to get back into the world of Cisco because its what intrests me the most, not changing a k/b...

Hi all, im implementing 2 distribution switches in my lan, they are both in seperate server room, is the best way to have each of my access switches connected to both dist switches, and would I also connect the 2 dist switches directly together ?

what is the best way to restrict inter-vlan routing once it has been enabled on a L3 switch? for example, what is the recommended way to allow user traffic to route to the user and server vlans, but keep it from routing to the management vlan and vi...

matt_heff by Beginner
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