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CSM on 6500 ?????

I have configured a vserver and two real server mapping to it? but it looks like the session can not automatically goes to the operational server. Example, first both server are alive, I can ping the vserver, the actrual ICMP goes to the first real s...

Design ISP VLAN Scenario

HI all,I need help to complete my scenario. Plz check the Attachment pic.What I?m trying to do is that every traffic either IN or Out in our network from Cisco 7206 router should travel to Firewall then in Bandwidth manager then goes back to Cisco 37...

intervlan routing with L3 switches vs router

I have several LANs each configured with 2821 gateways and Cat4506 L3 switches.Default Vlan 1 used in each site.I am considering segnemting each LAN with VLANs due to expansion and clearly identifiable business functions.I am in two minds: -1) use su...

Can I do it with just 828s and a 6015?

I'm trying to set up a tiny network between 4 buildings using 828s at each building with a 6015 joining them. I have no need to go anywhere other than between the 828s (no uplink to the rest of our network, or the internet for that matter). All I can...

Etherchannel L3 from 6509 to 3750 doesn't work

Hi, I have six Gigabit ports in Channel.I tried mode On, Lacp,Pagp, Etherchannel go up but some links flapping and comunication is broken.6509:interface Port-channel2 ip address ip sap listen ip ospf cost 2!interface Gig...

npservice by Beginner
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bridge-group <id> on interface vlan

Hi all,i configured a bridge-group "29" between interface vlan 1 and the dlsw peer of a cisco 1801 router.When i put the command on "interface vlan 1", the ip interface vlan don't replay to icmp echo request message; i try to ping the real ip (no sta...

d.rocco by Beginner
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DSL problem!!!

I have a Cisco 6015 DSLAM with 6 STUC-8-TCPAM cards and 4 Cisco 828 devices. I would like to communicate between the 4 Cisco 828 through the Cisco 6015, is there any way that I can set that up? I do not have a router with an ATM interface, so I was...

johnjr by Beginner
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6608 error

6608 often gets the following error if the port is not configured. SYS-4-MODHPRESET:Host process (860)As soon as the port is configured, no more error. How to fix this? Thanks

mobile ip

my project is design a network with home agent and foreign by using mobile ip. I'm using two routers for home agent and one router for foreign agent. I have already done some configs for home agents and foreign agents and downloaded Cisco mobile clie...

6509 specs

Hi Guys,Thanks in advance.Like to know the following:The backplane has a 400mpps capacity ? for switching, ok, got it from the data sheet.But,,,, What is the routing capacity of the supervisor using 9000 byte packets?What about when using 1500 byte ...

sur_babu by Beginner
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6500 XML Interface issues

We are using a Catalyst 6500 CSM to load balance several different sets of web servers. We have an automated deployment system that disables real servers so that new content and code can be rolled out. When the code is rolled out the server is re...

Missing switches and access points in CDP

Hi,When I do "show cdp neighbors" on my site I seemed to be missing equipment.I have 10 wireless access points (cisco 1230's) working but 2 in cdp.I have 11 swtiches (all cisco many types) but have only 8 in cdp.The switches are passing traffic with ...