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aaa on routers

can anyone tell me how I would get my switches/routers etc to ask for a username, do I just type new aaa model, then aaa username xxxxx password xxxx ?

routing from isp

When the isp routes to my router, do they just route a particular block of ip addresses to the external ip of my router, I gather your router would not be on the same block as the ip range they are routing to you ?thanksCarl


Hi allIf I have a switch with normal vlan 1 running, the other switch has all ports in vlan 11, will they see each other ? if I configured vtp would they then not see each other ?

advertising networks

If I have 2 interfaces , one on the 192.168.1, the other on the 192.168.2, network, if I advertise these as a 192.168 network, will it advetise the network that the interfaces are on or will it just advetise the 192.168/16 network ?thanks

IOS Software

I purchased a few routers for my test lab. I was wondering how I can obtain the IOS software for use in the test lab?

frame relay

what is the default setup for frame relay, is it point to point or point tp multipoint ? and does the router the other end that you map to have to be on the same subnet ?thanks all

Resolved! Description of username command

Hi,I would like to know procedure to utilise the command username in global configuration mode.If I set username and password at Router(config)# prompt, to which login it effectsRegards,Nanda

copying logfile in IOS

Does anyone know how I can copy the IOS logging file to an FTP server or anywhere else where I can open it up? Or where the logfile is located?I know I can do a sh logging and filter it a little, however it's a little cumbersome.Thx.

Resolved! Cat6500 SUP32 performance < Cat4500???

Hi all,According to the data sheet, SUP32 provides 32Gbps and 15Mpps, is it per system basis? If so, then it cannot allocate dedicated bandwidth per slot?Is it mean that SUP32 cannot support, e.g. 48-port 1000BaseT wire-speed?I am confused about SUP3...

wmmak by Beginner
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