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Help with 837 Config.

I have a Cisco 837 (brand new) I am trying to set it up via the CRWS but all it does is just sit there tell me that it is 'Checking the Model, the IOS and the Features' and that's it! It doesn't go any further. I've tried it with IE and Firefox and l...

txcowboy99 by Beginner
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Resolved! access switches connectivity

A branch office with a router, a 3560 and 3 2924-XL. They are daisy-chained from each other for user access, with no server at the office. Is it better to connect all the C2924s into the C3560? Does it matter? Any advantages?

etse by Beginner
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DHCP and 3845s

I have x2 3845s running IOS security and HSRP. I would like to run DHCP from these routers, but was wondering what happens in a failover situation?Can the DHCP leases be sync'd between these routers?

Router-switch connection question

I've 2500 series routers each with 2 serial, 1 AUI, 1 console and 1 AUX port. Using back-to-back serial and rollover cables, I consoled in and configured my routers. The routers can ping each other. Now my confusion: How do I now connect my configure...

gkandakai by Beginner
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Routers connected interfaces

I am new to routers.What a router knows about its interfaces initially and will a router ping its directly connected interfaces Kindly tell me any link also where i can get this clear information

kunal_769 by Beginner
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content engine datapacket

HiI have a content engine ,its uses for transprancy proxy.i have two router .one router used for lan and remote connect(wccp enable) and another router connect only for internet.as example:router1: engine: r...

iqbalkhan by Beginner
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Dear friends ,Kindly give me authoritative answers to my following queries , since I am writing CCNA EXAM shortly:1.When a download of frames/files takes place from a remote server on one's host PC then Frames landing at the host PC shall have WHOSE ...

10/100 network-expected speeds.

Users of FTP continually complain because is often takes time to downoad a file from the LAN. I tested myself by create a 1 GB file on a FreeBSD machine and then downloading it.dd if=/dev/zero bs=1024 count=1024 of=/home/erick/some.fileI copied over ...

CCNA test scores

Someone mentioned to me that companys have the ability to find out how well you did when you took your CCNA and how you rate. Is this true, can companys find out how you rated on your test?Also, does anyone know the test # that relates to Cisco acade...

simpsoro1 by Beginner
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Web Filtering Software

HiI have 100 user and maximum user use internet. I have also proxy server.but problem is many users goes to sex and pronography site and many times download picture.I want by internet filtering software block and monitoring web content .can anyone he...

iqbalkhan by Beginner
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