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Dear All, I am still New to the World of Cisco. I received today 15 Cisco switches 3560 - 48 Ports & 1 Core switch 4506. i know the basic configuration of 3560. i want to create 3 VLANS of core Switch and each VALN will be for specific reaons. So VLA...

I have installed several 857w ISR's and find that the wireless tends to be very flaky. I have now got one set-up in a lab environment and find that the wireless connection varies in quality even when I am right next to it. Often the link drops comple...

mbluemel by Beginner
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We have 3 Nos of cisco 3750G cisco switches.2nos are 48 port and 1No. of 24 port.Now we are planning to stack all three switches using stackwise technology.We will configure different vlan’s on the switches for users/server/router segments.Also we wa...

fmatrine by Beginner
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when setting up isdn, if I just wanted to get 1 ip range say a network to trigger the line, would I just create an access list like thisaccess-list 100 permit do dialler list 1 protocol ip list 100is this right ?wo...

I have 50 sites. There is one server at each of the 49 sites. The 50th site has the bulk of the servers. My Director wants me to create a 'management' vlan that spans all 50 sites for the integrated lights out port of all the servers. I don't think ...

jllugar by Beginner
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HiI have a router which have two isp line.I want connected two differnt remote site by two isp line.now i have one default and another static.i can use two default route like this ? 201.222.103.x 201.221.102.y 1ThanksB...

iqbalkhan by Beginner
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Hi,I'm currently using VLAN30 as my management VLAN (172.16.xxx.xxx) and would like to use VLAN20 for the management VLAN. After configuring VLAN20 as my management VLAN, the changes didn't get updated in the running-config. The IOS commands used are...

peter.tan by Beginner
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I have configured my 1751 with ConfigMaker. It works fine with LAN and VOIP. But it restarts after few minutes. Please help me telling the problem. My running-config is as follows:show running-configBuilding configuration...Current configuration : 20...

chopra by Beginner
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I have a Cisco 837 (brand new) I am trying to set it up via the CRWS but all it does is just sit there tell me that it is 'Checking the Model, the IOS and the Features' and that's it! It doesn't go any further. I've tried it with IE and Firefox and l...

txcowboy99 by Beginner
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