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HI ,I am looking for some docs which described about catos,cisco IOS in details.Please suggest me links where I can find some documents which I can refer to help my understanding.Thanks in advance!!!

praschau by Level 1
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Hi All,I have a vlan interface with secondary ip address configured.vlan 10ip address address secondaryip helper-address have confgured my DHCP for both & netw...

vu2jjq by Level 1
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Setting up a 4506 w/SupII+. I have given int Vlan1 an IP address, and have added a default gateway in the same subnet as the IP address. I can assign any of the discovered vlans to any port on the switch and those devices grab a DHCP IP and can tal...

With rapid spanning tree once root bridge is elected (either manually or automatically) affect of topology changes on stub bridges will be limited - 3 secs to move from blocking to forwarding etc. Just wondering what would happen if the root bridge i...

Hi,I am generating traffic with a few different DSCP values (Voice, Signaling, other)When I SPAN the ports of devices in the path I can see the correct DSCP values at each point.When I RSPAN the same devices & interfaces the DSCP values are all set t...

I have 4 3750 catalyst in a MAS config. I am going to add a 3560G-48TS-S router that will be allocate to a workgroup. I have a SFP gig copper available in the 3750. I need to connect the 3750's and 3560 at 1gb. Should I add a SFP to the 3560 and ...

Hii would like to have a loopback Interface on a Cat3750 with L3 SW witch only respond to a ping with DSCP 46 or IPPrec 5. If i use this config it don't work.interface Loopback10 ip address ip access-group QOS-TEST in ip ...

I have two switches, a 3524 and a 2960. Each switch is configured with the same VTP domain, same VTP domain password, etc. When I connect the 2960 to the 3524 via fiber the vlan information doesn't get passed on to the 2960. The gig ports are setu...

almay by Level 1
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I've been away from Cisco routers for a while, and I've spent hours trying to find where this new FastEthernet interface syntax of "fa0/0" came from. Is that "a" the second letter of "Fast", or does it mean "aggregate" or something to do with trunkin...

mshnier by Level 1
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Hello All:I believe this is a very basic question so this is why I chose to post it in this forum.Have a DMZ configured I just noticed while looking through firewall logs that each machine in the DMZ is ocassionally sending a boad...

dj214 by Level 1
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I have 2 3750s - 24 ports 10/100/1000 that came with a 110V power supply unit. The outlet supporting power on these switches is on unprotected power (non-UPS). One option available is to connect the switches to a 208V outlet which is on the Data Cent...

diazed by Level 1
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