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I have noticed that when using an 871 router there is an inability to remotely manage the device unless there is an actual pc plugged into the LAN side with causes the tunnel to come up. I have switched from using VLAN1 and configured a loopback inte...

duda by Beginner
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do many people still use fddi, is this just the same as using say my normal fibre links ? or is it old technology that is not really used ?

Hi,I would like to ask if i can use our existing fiber optic cabling after i purchased a cisco 2960 with 4 sfp uplinks also, i purchased sfp modules for each switch. Does it mean that i only need to purhcase a converter from ST for SFP? thanks

edongskiu by Beginner
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this is where 1 stream is sent and multiple people listen ? am i right, are routers etc all setup by default to allow this ? what else is multicast used for ?thanks

Hi, after having completed the CCNA course, I have been given a new project at work. We have a new business and I would like to know what are the steps to getting 2 office, one in location A and the second one in location B connected?I am not looking...

skhirbash by Beginner
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Someone told me that I can load balance using multiple groups on hsrp, how would i set this up and how would it work, I have 2 routers with 2 lan interfaces !

Hello, we are having a lot (~600) of L2TP connections from vehicle computers terminating on a Cisco 2621XM. We are running IOS 12.3 and IP+. This supports a max number of IDBs of 800. We are increasing the number of users, and will exceed 800 in a fe...

I have gotten everything working between the AP and the WGB and believe that we have reasonable security. It took awhile to shake off the rust but the IOS commands started coming back to me (haven't used my CCNA skills since 1999). One last issue t...