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what means of WS in WS-G5484?what means of 1000BASE-SX?i know this is a idiot question,but my custom just ask me.and i must keep good relationship with them.did any one have any well explain? thank you for reply.

wanglei by Beginner
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HII need fresh VLAN layer2 and layer3 configuration guide. and sample of confiuration.pls anyone send it.thanksBiplob

iqbalkhan by Beginner
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My question is this why do I want or need vlans?Here is a little info…We have 9 sites [Schools] all connected by gig fiber…Right now we have a flat network no vlans, 10/100 switches and all servers are centrally located…Servers are Novell 6.5 running...

HI I have 50 client pc, cisco switch and router. often i face a problem that is large packet generate. manullay i find out which pc generate exceed number of packet. its boring job.I am looking a best packet monitoring software. by the software i can...

iqbalkhan by Beginner
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Dear Sirs, Cisco828 was able to confirm the function. Table 9 Feature List by Feature Set for the Cisco 828 Routers Address Conservation NAT Many to Many(multi-NAT) Yeshttp://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/sw/iosswrel/ps5012/prod_release_note09186a00...

Most TFTP servers that I've tried have a limitation of 16MB. When I try to upload a flash image of any larger than that to a router, they mostly can't handle that. I've tried 3com and SolarWind TFTP servers. Do you know of any TFTP servers that ca...

cisco Switch 2950 showing problem while connecting with other device(Packetwave bridge 100) or switch(Dlink)Output of uplink port is: %SPANTREE-7-RECV_1Q_NON_TRUNK: Received 802.1Q BPDU on non trunk FastEthernet0/22 VLAN1.00:20:54: %SPANTREE-7-BLOCK_...

I am trying to setup a 1721 router with IS 12.3-16a. I completed basic setup of fastethernet0 at I can ping the router from my PC and I can ping my PC thru the terminal access, but can not connect directly either thru expl...