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I'm building the network for a retirement community that may eventually provide internet access to each of the 200 resident suites. To ensure that one resident cannot see any other resident's LAN, I was thinking of breaking each room into a separate...

tpopejr by Level 1
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Hi,Problem is that when we connect D-link(16 port) uplink to cisco switch-2950(24port) the LED on cisco(port.1) do not get green it remains orange but other ports working ok.but we can not get conneted to D-link Switch.what cable color & standred do ...

I have to analyze capture to sniffer for a problem about reply DNS that don't working fine.Does somebody advice me an document that can help me to interpreted this trace?best regardsLorenzo

lformelli by Level 1
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I setup a new Cisco 3750G switch; on port one I have my ASA5520, on port two I have a server and on port three another server. I can ping the gateway on port one but cannot ping each server only server outside the gateway on port one. The switch is c...

mnaglie11 by Level 1
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I have a wlan network with EAP-TLS Authentication. So any clients have a certificate, but some client's in the fabrik have no wlan Adapter,so i must use a wlan bridge (such as 1400 series). So is it possible to use a certificate on the wlan-bridge, t...

wolfgangz by Level 1
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I have seen it done a few times where multiple switch ports are set with the same parameters with one command. Can someone help me find a document that will describe setting multiple switch port interfaces with the same command, ie. switchport mode...

rlewis by Level 1
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We have more than one ACL defined. access-list 120 deny ip 120 deny ip 120 permit ip any anyaccess-list 130 deny tcp 0....

We are trying to determine what is the best design for subnetting. We are moving into a building that has 4 floors. We are considering whether we should create class C subnet for each of the floors or just rather create a supernet of 4 continuous c...

pykim by Level 1
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Hi,,,,I have 5 remote sites connected by frame-relay. Router0 is the host and routers 1-5 are the remotes. When I telnet into anyone of the remotes, it opens the session and I get the password login, but after I enter the password to start the sessio...

ageorgia by Level 1
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I am working on a Catalyst 4510(R) with a Supervirsor Engine: WS-X4516, IOS version 12.2(18)EW2. According to the Cisco Doc: http://www.cisco.com/univercd/cc/td/doc/product/software/ios120/120newft/120t/120t1/easyip2.pdf The DHCP Server is not suppo...

rhowell by Level 1
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